2015 Felt Compulsion 10 - Sea Otter Classic

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2015 Felt Compulsion 10 - Sea Otter Classic - 2014 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits - 3rd Edition - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB

New for 2015, Felt's Compulsion line makes the move to 27.5-inch wheels. Travel is fixed at 160mm and uses the Equilink Suspension platform. A 66-degree head angle, 4mm bottom bracket drop, and 436mm chainstay length bring it further in line with today's aggressive do-it-all enduro rigs. Sizes run from S to XL and with a complete price somewhere in the $4999-5499 range.

Click next to see it up close, as well as many more new and prototype products from Sea Otter.

Credit: Brandon Turman // Vital MTB
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