2013 Specialized P.Bike Line Up 1

<b>Let's take a look at the 2013 Specialized P.Bikes!</b> -Galvan

<b>The P.3 used to be frame-only, but in 2013 Specialized will offer this complete P.3 model, too.</b> -Galvan

<b>The complete P.3 and P.26 Pro come with a RockShox fork, based on the Argyle. This air-sprung, rebound-only model has a Maxle and is only found on the P.Bikes.</b> -Galvan

<b>Fresh new Specialized P-Series parts and spec cover the bikes, head to toe.</b> -Galvan

<b>Martin Soderstrom at FISE earlier this year...MASSIVE!</b>

<b>2013 Specialized P.3 Geometry<br>Top Tube: 22.52-in<br>Head Angle: 70.5-deg<br>Chainstay Length: 15.47-in<br>BB height: 12.76-in<br>Stack: 22.28-in<br>Reach: 16.65-in</b><br>-gordo

<b>Mike Montgomery's custom P3 is worth drooling over for sure, especially since it's only for him. </b>-gordo

<b>Expect to see Truvativ Descendant cranks on the 2013 P.3 instead of the 3-piece cromo cranks shown here. </b>-Galvan

<b>The P.3 will come with your choice of Martin Soderstrom or Darren Berrecloth (shown here) sticker kits. The complete bike is red, the frame only is black. Specialized rider, Michael Hoenisch doing the blasting. </b>-gordo

<b>Martin Soderstrom's P.3 frame-only kit. Martin has raced a few of the Pro 4X Tour events on his new P.3. </b>-Sven Martin

<b>The P.26 Pro features the same RockShox fork as the P.3 but features a cro-mo frameset.</b> -Galvan

<b>All the P.26 cromo frames have hydroformed chainstays to make nice, tight chainstays but with cleaner lines.</b> -Galvan

<b>Specialized P.Series parts that are sleek and durable round out the P.Bike models. </b>-Galvan

<b>2013 Specialized P.26 Pro/AM Geometry<br> Top Tube: 22.24-in<br>Head Angle: 70-deg<br>Chainstay Length: 15.08-in<br>BB height: 12.76-in<br>Stack: 21.93-in<br>Reach: 16.26-in</b><br>-Galvan

<b>Mike Montgomery P.3 testing at Woodward West to make sure you're pumped on the 2013 Specialized P.Bikes.</b> -Turman

Specialized brought their 2013 P.Bikes up to Woodward West for a little debut. Highlights include a new P.3 complete model which feature Soderstrom or Berrecloth graphics kits and 2 modesl with RockShox fork based on the Argyle with 20mm thru-axle, air spring and rebound control.
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  • giangnguy3n

    3/23/2013 12:10 PM

    Hi, I am 5'6" and wondering if the new P3 long TT fit me? Most rider suggested that I go with a regular TT. Fit me mean performance wise with my height.