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    AClass AXT3 Wheels - Sea Otter Classic - 2013 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits - 4th Edition - Mountain Biking Pictures - Vital MTB
AClass has some rather interesting AXT3 wheels in their 2014 lineup. The 'T-Bar' spoke mounting design is said to allow the straight-pull spokes to rotate freely during installation, reducing stresses and increasing stiffness and durability once tensioned. They're also tubeless ready because there are no spoke holes in the rim. Weight is 1682 for a 26-inch set, 1730 for 27.5-inch, and 1806 for the 29-inch crowd. Credit: Turman
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2013 Sea Otter Classic Pit Bits - 4th Edition

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  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_015
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_018_2
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_017_2
  • C48_deorechainguide
  • C48_deorerearder
  • C48_xtr_rotor
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_045_2
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_046_2
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_038_2
  • C48_bt_20130419_untitled_shoot_034
  • C48_bt_20130421_untitled_shoot_021_2
  • C48_kona1
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_036
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_030
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_024
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_025
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_029
  • C48_bt_20130419_untitled_shoot_008
  • C48_s1600_bt_20130419_untitled_shoot_012
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_006
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_070
  • C48_bt_20130420_untitled_shoot_049
  • walkinwiki

    4/27/2013 11:51 AM

    Are these DH wheels or XC/Trail ones, because they look sick!

  • bhalpin47

    4/26/2013 5:59 PM

    Seems pretty gimmicky, especially putting "freely rotating" parts on something to make it more rigid, and putting those parts right in the dirt.

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