2011 USA Gravity National Championships 4

North Carolina downhill races have had a small but passionate following and National Champs brought out the fans. Nikolas Dudukovich finds the right line in the Rock Garden. Photos by Kristian Jackson

Most everyone avoided the log gap. Cecil Frederick Linder tackles the line and impresses the crowd.

Many, many racers found it hard to stay on the pedals. Rea Gandolf takes the mud in stride.

Left: Austin Warren dive bombs under the Stars and Stripes. Right: Patriotic locals.

Amateurs were psyched to be in the presence of the Pros. Most took this as an opportunity to step up their game.

The mask. Hopefully the racers had their eyes on the trail and not this guy.

An impressive Joey Foresta with his Gold and Stars and Bars. This little dude ripped both the Slalom and DH courses. Keep an eye on this youngster.

The Dirty Bird Bell. Legendary in the southeast, the now defunct Hawk’s Nest hosted a mountain load of DH races. Many locals cut their teeth in the infamous “Dirty Berms.”

Kevin Aiello senses the finish line for an 11th place finish in Men’s Pro.

The new National Champ, mid-tear off. Logan Binggeli keeps it cool on his way to victory.

Keeping it low, Duncan Riffle charges to a 4th place finish.

Aaron Gwin nearing the G-out before the hip jump. Gwin had a major crash at the top of the course and couldn't overcome the time deficit, resulting in 2nd place.

Can’t you just feel the patriotism?

The 2011 US Gravity Pro Men's National Champion, Logan Binggeli.

Stacks of gold...

Jr. X Podium: Neko Mullaly, Austin Warren, Ray Syron, Cody Kelley, Nikolas Dudukovich

Jill Kintner enjoying her 2nd DH National Champs victory in as many years.

Men’s Pro Podium: Logan Binggeli, Aaron Gwin, Mitch Ropelato, Duncan Riffle, and Philip Kmetz

Austin Hackett-Klaube from Dillon, CO whips the hip near the end of the DH course as the sun begins to take over.

Pacific Northwester, Kyle Thomas, rails the residual ruts from the recent rains on the right coast. Colorado's Orbitz team members are in the audio.

Poppin' a cap has different meaning on the East Coast.

Lear Miller and Logan Binggeli square off in Dual Slalom.

Celebrate good times, come on!

Sedona, AZ’s Lear Miller getting east coast whippy.

Sunday, the slopes of Beech Mountain began filling early for the Amateur Finals. By early afternoon the crowd lined the rolling rock garden and provided a steady stream of enthusiasm for the racers.

High speed grass section.

Rocks n rollin'

Jill Kintner on her way to victory.

Beech Mountain North Carolina hosted the 2011 USA Gravity National Championships where Logan Binggeli secured a surprise downhill victory against America's fastest riders. - Photos by Kristian Jackson
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  • FreeForAll

    9/30/2011 5:03 PM

    spomer: You didn't go? Why not?

  • One Ghost

    9/26/2011 7:29 PM

    first shot! Nik D. rolling his One Ghost Industries Musashi coated with Candy Components. Took 5th!

  • dphilpott

    9/26/2011 4:46 PM

    fan of shot 22, nice to see all the crowd involvement

  • sspomer

    9/26/2011 2:06 PM

    Looks like a great time out there!

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