2011 UCI World Champs Downhill & 4X Training 6

Trevor Trinkino of the USA gets in today's show for a number of reasons - style, shadow, height but most importantly his image number matches his bike's number CH11_00303 in my naming convention!

Marc Beaumont helped me with captions tonight, first up: "Steve Peat doing a manual? No way, that's Photoshop!" Photo by Gary Perkin

Marc Beaumont of GT is rocking the 11 plate - where he finished at last year's Champery World Cup in slightly damper conditions than today. The weather report indicates it should be wet again this Sunday! Photo by Gary Perkin

After a tough day yesterday, I have at last found a shot I'm happy with here in Champery - Gee Atherton of Commencal obliges the style for a pantastic day. Photo by Gary Perkin

Legendary lensman, Victor Lucas, applies the sticker of the beast to his camera that he had to register with the UCI for filming this weekend. Maybe they should concentrate on internet and power in the press room first. Photo by Gary Perkin

Quite possibly one of the toughest crowds to play to this week, Sam Hill & Brendan Fairclough of Monster Energy Specialized critique Tim Bentley's performance on the big start jump. Photo by Gary Perkin

Danny Hart of Giant Factory Team helps widen up our take after commentors felt we weren't showing enough of the Swiss countryside. I was just trying to keep it all to myself really. Photo by Gary Perkin

The 2nd battalion, 3rd Infantry of the Swiss Alpine Regiment sizes up the new SRAM pits for their new headquarters. They may have to merge with the 1st and 3rd to make use of the space. Photo by Gary Perkin

Jon Cancellier has been tweaking more than just suspension settings on his SRAM Black Box riders' forks this week in a bid to get a more national flavor on their race rigs. Photo by Gary Perkin

Everyday is casual Friday in the GT Bicycles pits. Captain Coach gets to grip with the dishes...aaaaarrrr! Photo by Gary Perkin

I reckon a huge percentage of gravity fans & riders turned up to the Team Relay XC to see Tracy Moseley of Trek World Racing race her heart out for Great Britain. Photo by Gary Perkin

Hi-tech Oakley go lo-fi in the Oakley Safe house. A little retreat for riders in the chaos. The old school rustic Swiss chalet comes complete with cassette deck and vinyl 33rpm player. -Sven Martin

Rachel riding solo today in the split practice. -Sven Martin

A pairing I can never grow tired of. Sam and Brendan having fun blasting down the track. Sam in audio. -Sven Martin

GT's Mark Beaumont has opted for flats here in Champery. -Sven Martin

Number 66 can only be Graves. As he gives his thoughts on the track design, check out the trick grommet Scott has hooked him up with, taking plate cutting to the next level. -Sven Martin

The Athertons have some new linkages this weekend. Slightly longer, creating a slightly more linear shock rate. -Sven Martin

T-Mo flying through the tech sections in Team relay today. -Sven Martin

USA's Blake Carney in the very entertaining and well-thought out "Woods" section of the 4X track tonight. -Sven Martin

Prokop was one of the only fast guys to use this alternate risky line through the rocks, avoiding the stump to root drop off. After the speed he hit it a few times tonight, I bet a few more may try this option. -Sven Martin

Gary cools off his sweaty beard in the press room ice cream cooler. You may think we have it cush here on the World Cup circuit, but honestly I'd rather have internet than ice cream. Seems we can't have both. -Sven Martin

Does Danny Hart know something we don't? Seven pairs of goggles lined up waiting. I think he is wise beyond his years or he's just really bored. -Sven Martin


This is how they lay the TV cable in Switzerland.

The 2nd day of downhill and the first day on the 4X course take place, still early in the week at Champery.
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  • Bonnie_Miller

    9/2/2011 1:00 AM

    Yeh Blake !!!!!!

  • KatyKilla

    9/1/2011 8:54 PM

    Yeah Trevor!!!!

  • VitalRider

    9/1/2011 9:26 AM

    Now THAT's an update. Great work guys.

  • bstens

    8/31/2011 10:10 PM


  • lacykemp

    8/31/2011 9:08 PM

    Love the photo of Blick and the riders at the Oakley house. Blick is rad. Cool to see him get some love.

  • Mr. P

    8/31/2011 9:03 PM

    Pantastic! Rad shot. Cool to see Moseley doing the XC... who says DHers have no fitness?!?!

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