2011 UCI World Champs Calm Before the Storm 2

Some silent reflection on the task ahead tomorrow for young Troy Brosnan. Can he overcome the French armada of Loic and Figaret to take his second junior title? -Sven Martin

Anne Caroline Chausson in the audio and on the left. Gwin only started riding bikes after the most winningest MTB racer ever, Anne Caroline Chausson retired from DH. -Sven Martin

These are the tires you saw yesterday the Danny Hart edition. Get a set and you too may be able to fly backwards on some jumps. -Sven Martin

Blenkinsop about to drop into the last woods right where Cam Cole broke his wrist and arm yesterday, and coincidently last year too. -Sven Martin

Andrew Neethling getting opposite on us on the right hand hip into the the second last straight that is littered with jumps. He has been on flats for most of this week and I think that choice will pay off tomorrow. -Sven Martin

Gee was riding again today after taking the day off yesterday while he rested and recovered from ringing his bell. A few other riders chose to skip or do minimal runs today saving themselves for tomorrow. What will the weather do? -Sven Martin

When I take a moment to look around while waiting for riders I realize how lucky we are to be outdoors in such beautiful places every other week. It's why we ride mountain bikes and not road bikes. -Sven Martin

There were some big races today in men's and women's XC. The rain opened up mid race, a sign of what can happen tomorrow. Here Nino Schurter attacks the rooty, muddy rocky XC course about 1 minute away from where I'm sleeping and writing this right now. -Sven Martin

Someone will pop these corks tomorrow and the infamous strategist, Stephane Girard, discusses who he think it will be. -Sven Martin

This is what is on the line for tomorrow. National pride, rainbow stripes and a Gold Medal. Specialized's Jaroslav Kulhavy wins it for Czech Republic today in the XC, while Nicolas Vouilloz puts in his bets tomorrow's podium. -Sven Martin

BoXXer World Champs...it's a beautiful thing.

Switzerland has the scenery that's for sure. It also has the steeps. Thankfully the riders tomorrow will just be going one way. -Sven Martin

This is what happens when you give your second camera to Fabien Cous Cous Cousine. He is quite handy with a camera so I thought I could trust him. Did I make the right choice? -Sven Martin

Swiss Chris from Fox Racing Shox was one of the competitors in tonight's BoXXer World Champs. He was not messing around but still got knocked out in the first round. It's awesome to see everyone come together at World Champs! -Sven Martin

HB and Rob Eva go through the final rules and display the trophy belt just before the finals with newcomer Evan and last year's winner Len. Jeremiah Boobar in audio. -Sven Martin

BoXXer World Champs, Evan Warner in the finals doing it for America. -Sven Martin

BoXXer World Champs Evan downs the final challenge while Len is just seconds behind with his clean up. -Sven Martin

From Palmer's mechanic to BoXXer World Champion, we have a winner. SRAM's Evan Warner. -Sven Martin

We may have to take this photo down so these guys can get back into their home country after World Champs, so soak it in. -Sven Martin

Look out for the two Mauritian (a beautiful island off the SE Africa) riders. Arnaud Li Hing Fui is not afraid of this mountain. In fact both Mauritian riders are rocking single crown forks. See what happens when you actually live life, ride bikes and stop worrying about how internet dorks set up their bikes? -Sven Martin

BoXXer World Champs Chaos.

Hours remain before the 2011 World Championship downhill event and the tension is rising. Will tomorrow bring rain? Will the lines on the track hold up? The most important DH run of the year is closing in fast.
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  • jbones

    9/5/2011 11:11 AM


    I wonder if this Rock Shox commercial all over this site has anything to do with it....is this the limit of rockshox creativity....brainfreeze without the slurpee...

  • Mr. P

    9/3/2011 9:30 PM

    So you show how steep it is... and the XC racers have to go up that?!?! ouch.

    Love the Boxxer WC flavor.

    Is the World Cup viewed by the racers as more important than the UCI overall?

    Nutty predicting a lot of off the bikes.... The balance of staying safe and over-riding for the win... on a steepy...


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