Kenny Belaey's Cargo 1


Kenny Belaey's Cargo

Kenny Belaey's Cargo is the official launch video for the Kenny Belaey T-shirt merchandising line.

Since years Kenny Belaey has built up a huge fan-base, as well in his home country Belgium as abroad.
Being a 9 time world champ has its consequences; he travels the world for competitions, riding sessions, demo’s & projects

With the huge fan-base, and being one of the biggest trial bike riders on the planet, Kenny moves a step further in his career, with the launch of the clothing line for fans.

With Red Bull, who support Kenny for over 10 years now, the idea popped up to give the fans something back, with unique & cool design shirts.
Adidas came into play also, and the result is high quality Adidas t shirts with the Kenny Belaey logo.

A short while ago the container with the first load of shirts arrived in the Antwerp Harbour, and Kenny went on the hunt to find the container…
Check the clip here:

T shirts can be ordered at

Kenny Belaey:
really cool to have my own shirts now, I'm sure fans will like it!
The quest to find the container in the Antwerp Harbour was super!

A unique riding spot really cool environment, and so close by to home… but yeah, I'm happy I found the container in time.

Kenny Belaey's Cargo

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1 comment
  • Big Bird

    9/24/2013 7:14 AM

    Don't they have lawyers in Belgium? He was having way too much fun.

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