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New Superco Colors. Violet and Raw with Clear
Superco updated their site with some new frame color options...a sweet metallic Ultra Violet and Raw with clear coat...BLING!!! Apparently there will be a massive Superco presence at the Ray's Women's Weekend in a couple days and the Silencer will be there for test riding. Oh snap.
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Vans Custom Culture Art Program
VANS SEARCHES FOR THE BEST YOUNG ART & DESIGN TALENT WITH CUSTOM CULTURE HIGH SCHOOL ART PROGRAM Four Talented Art Classes from across the US Will Send Representatives to Los Angeles for Art Showcase with Expenses Paid by Vans Cypress, CA (Feb 9,
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New "PRIME" Disc Brake from Hayes
Introducing the new Hayes PRIME disk brake, featuring:     - Tool-free adjustments     - Newly designed pads     - "Performance" hose     - Titanium hardware     - Some funky rubber frame protectors     - See the blur in the photo? It's "secret ... more »
Vital Media Network is Hiring
If you're an experienced front-end developer and are looking for work in the web and two-wheeled world, then view get the scoop right here.
Introducing TWELVE - Michal Prokop's 2010 Journey
Twelve months, twelve short documentaries on a long way to success. Training. Races. Travelling. Life. This is TWELVE - a new project about the mountain biker and BMXer  Michal Prokop . By a coarse visual inspection, TWELVE shares the style of the michal.prokop09
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2010 Nema Contingency Program
This just in from JDD -  Greetings! As the 2010 MTB race season quickly approaches, Nema would like to announce our 2010 Contingency Program.  In an effort to help give back to our supporting riders, Nema offers you a chance to recoup some of your hard
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2010 Ray's Odd Couple Results and News
2010 Ray's MTB Odd Couple Results 1st: Rocco Quintiliani and Brian Kachinsky (video by Clinton McMahon) 2nd: Adam Hauck and Kris Marcum (video by George Ryan) 3rd: Jeff Lenosky and Chris Aceto (video by Gardy of DH Productions) The top 3 videos from
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Chris Del Bosco Wins Winter X Games SkierX
Chris Del Bosco, former pro MTB downhiller just won Skier X at the Winter X Games. HECK YES DIRTY DEL! Way to go. Road tripping the East Coast with Del Bosco and the Big Crank guys in 2005 provided one of the best memories of my career...here's the gist ... more »
Sam Pilgrim wins White Style 2010 in Leogang
This past Friday, over 2000 spectators cheered on 20 riders from 9 countries as they flipped and spun their way down Leogang Mountain for the 5th Annual "White Style" event.  The jumps were huge - up to a claimed 26 feet tall and 65 feet wide.  ... more »
Snafu MTB Product Vids
Check the videos about new Snafu MTB goods Mayweather Cranks
Rim Job and Knob Job Tires Anorexic Pedals 4130 Cromo Bars ... more »

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