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Why Vanderham Rules
This Vanderham Twitter post was pointed out to me by Neethling tonight...look at the "Rampage Training" post at the bottom - classic. Vanderham has put himself in the position of the guy who goes big, so he's getting ready, LOL. Go Vanderham!! The SHIFT post
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2010 AT's Showdown
Here's video from last year's awesome contest courtesy of Team Fun
What do Evel Knievel, Metallica and Andrew Taylor have in common? They all threw down at the Cow Palace! Andrew Taylor a.k.a AT, in conjunction with rideSFO, bring back AT’s Showdown ... more »
The Commencal Supreme DHv3
After three years of loyal service, the 2008 World Championship-winning Supreme DH , as used by Gee and Rachel Atherton, is evolving for even more performance. This latest version of our technological flagship is the logical next step in the evolution
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KHS ProGRT Whiteface Report
KHS has the full photo report from the ProGRT finals at Whiteface in New York. Check out the photos, including Chris Heath gapping a mid-course river.
Pro-Tec Video of the Month, August
Brent Tahk wins the August Vital Video of the Month presented by Pro-Tec. He gets $250 and a Pro-Tec Pro Kit! Congrats and great vid... I know it's a little late, but September is wide open. Any video UPLOADED to Vital MTB is eligible for the Video of
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2011 Interbike Moves to Anaheim
In a battle of who's first, Interbike tries to one-up the world and moves the 2011 show to Anaheim, August 3-5 with Outdoor Demo happening somewhere in Irvine Aug 1 and 2nd. I'm all for getting the hell out of Vegas, but this will be an interesting change, ... more »
World Championship Downhill Results
2010 UCI World Championship Downhill Results Elite Men Downhill 1 10 AUS19850721 HILL Samuel 61.578 (24) 3:08.21 (1) 3:59.42 (1) 4:37.93 2 14 CAN19891125 SMITH Steve 63.570 (3) 3:09.82 (2) 4:01.01 (2) 4:40.56 +02.63 3 3 RSA19811113 MINNAAR Greg 64.151 ... more »
Rinderknecht, Buchanan Win World Champs 4X Qualifiers
Rinderknecht and Buchanan claim the top spots in today's 4X qualifier.  We're guessing Graves flatted? Men:
Women: ... more »
World Champs Timed Training Results
Timed training typically doesn't give you any clue of how things will play out, as most riders don't care what time they get.  Usually times are sporadic and all over the board, but this time, they're actually pretty tight... PLACE YOUR BETS! Men:
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Peat, Moseley Win Windham DH Qualifiers
The Men's qualifier goes Peaty, Gwin, Blenki, Greg, and Gee.  Note that with these results, Gee and Greg are just 4 points apart going into the final race.  Wow! Moseley smoked the Women's field. Men's Top 20:  ( full results)
Women's Top 20: ... more »

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