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Dirt Magazine at the 2011 CoreBike Show
A few days ago, the Dirt Magazine crew attended CoreBike, a small industry trade show hosted in the UK countryside.  While they were there, they spotted a few new bits and pieces that you should know about.   So, cruise over to the Dirt site and have a gander.  You might as well
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White Style 2011 Event Report
Jamie Goldman
More than 2.500 visitors flocked to Leogang’s Schantei lift to get a first-hand impression of the Monster Energy White Style course, designed by Grant “Chopper” Fielder. After the snow had been too soft for complete runs during Thursday’s training ... more »
Dan Atherton Recovered from Neck Injury
This just in from the Atherton Racing blog: On January 20th, Dan received the results of a final CT scan from Dr Robert Bray, the spinal specialist who has been overseeing his treatment. Red Bull’s Darren Roberts, the Atherton families personal trainer,
Dan is already back on the bike and training hard.  (Sven Martin photo)
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Sam Pilgrim Wins White Style 2011
Sam Pilgrim just backed up his 2010 White Style win with another commanding finish this year. White Style 2011 Final Results 1. Sam Pilgrim 2. Sam Reynolds 3. Yannick Granieri 4. Graham Agassiz 5. Jamie Goldman 6. Szymon Godziek 7. Simon Kirchmann ... more »
Save The Lawn Trails!
The Lawn Trails (aka dirt jumps) in Los Angeles are in danger of being plowed. If you've ever had your local set of jumps plowed, and I'm sure many of you have, you know how lame this is. Click here and sign the petition to keep them around!
John Stockburger Photo
Bienve Aguado Lands World's First Double Front Flip on a Mountain Bike
 It looks like Bienve Aguado has finally stomped the double front flip to dirt. Click the image below for a higher resolution version:
Update:  Here's footage of him actually landing it... First Double Frontflip on mtb - landed by Bienvenido...- More Mountain Bike Videos Another video: Do ... more »
Rich Houseman Race Report: Fontana 2
Last weekend marked the 2nd round of the Fontana Winter series, and it was another solid event put on by Don Jackson and Family. It was also the first weekend I’d be running the Team Houseman Racing Clinics. Over the years I’ve done several clinics out
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Winter Ghetto Dual Slalom Round 6
The Brits are killing it with their underground dual slalom races. ThisisSheffield brings you the sweet race report featuring one of mountain biking's greatest race formats.
Click for the full story. Photo by Dom Worrall
Bike Job: Cane Creek Marketing Director
Our friends at Cane Creek are in search of the perfect candidate for their Marketing Director position. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Cane Creek offers the right candidate the opportunity to step in and lead all aspects of its marketing.
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Vital MTB Sticker Update
Here's an update for all of you who sent in self-addressed stamped envelopes for free stickers. The update is this: Thanks for ruining my weekend. I'm going to be up for 72 hours stuffing envelopes! I hope you all keep ruining my weekends! ... more »

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