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2011 Kokanee Crankworx Schedule of Events in Whistler
Looks like the Red Bull Joyride is the official slopestyle event at Crankworx! -gordo WHISTLER, BC May 3, 2011 – Kokanee Crankworx, the biggest and most prestigious freeride mountain bike festival on the planet is back for 2011. This year’s competition promises ... more »
Markus Pekoll wins first iXS European Downhill Cup race
The Europe Series kicked off the season in Monte Tamaro/Switzerland with some 300 competitors from 16 countries on the top-notch starting list. Triumphant winners were Markus Pekoll and Emilie Siegenthaler. The first race of the season is always one
Markus Pekoll on his way to victory.
... more »
Team KHS Travels: Port Angeles and Sea Otter
This just in from filmer Travis Fant and Team KHS. Part One: Part Two: Part Three:
... more »
2011 iXS Racing Guide
This guide is essential viewing for anyone planning to compete in Europe this season.  It contains everything you need to know from the iXS European Downhill Cup, iXS German Downhill Cup, iXS Swiss Downhill Cup, iXS Dirtmasters Festival ... more »
2011 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg Downhill Finals Results
Official results are in for the Pietermaritzburg Downhill race. It was a great day for Trek World Racing. Yeah Gwin!!!
It finally happened! Gwin threw down an incredible run and walked away with his first ever World Cup win and the leaders jersey.  Congrats from Vital!
Men's Results: 1 GWIN Aaron USA19871224 TREK WORLD RACING 4:08.634 2 MINNAAR Greg RSA19811113 SANTA CRUZ SYNDICATE +00.241 ... more »
2011 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg Men's DH Start Times
2011 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Pietermaritzburg (RSA) 24.04.2011 Back DHI > Start List > Men   WOMEN DROP IN AT ABOUT 4 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (i think) Click here to Watch the Live Webcast on Freecaster Start N° Name UCI Code Team 14:00:00 130 PAYET Jérôme FRA19840718 14:01:15 ... more »
2011 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg 4X Finals Results
Graves continues his winning streak by claiming the top spot in the Pietermaritzburg 4X event.
Men's Results: 1 GRAVES Jared AUS19821216 YETI FOX SHOX FACTORY RACE TEAM 2 PROKOP Michal CZE19810401 3 FISCHBACH Johannes GER19880304 GHOST FACTORY RACING TEAM 4 MAROSI Michal CZE19780529 RSP 4 CROSS RACING TEAM 5 GRAF David SUI19890908 6 ... more »
2011 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg DH Qualifying Results
Men's Results: 1 HANNAH Michael AUS19831121 4:22.158 2 MINNAAR Greg RSA19811113 SANTA CRUZ SYNDICATE +01.027 3 CAMELLINI Julien FRA19840107 TEAM SUNN MONTGENEVRE +03.055 4 GRACIA Cédric FRA19780323 CG RACING BRIGADE +03.312 5 ATHERTON Gee GBR19850226 ... more »
Pietermaritzburg World Cup 4x Qualifying Results
4x Qualifying Results from South Africa World Cup, 2011 Men 1.Jared Graves 58.504 2.Roger Rinderknecht 1:00.060 3.Tomas Slavik 1:00.250 4.Graeme Mudd 1:00.297 5.David Graf 1:00.330 6.Johannes Fischbach 1:00.877 7.Joost Wichman 1:01.457 8.Michal Prokop ... more »
2011 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg Men's Timed Practice Results
Time practice doesn't really mean much, but it may help you with your Vital OTB predictions. Here are results from day 1 in South Africa DOWNHILL 1 Pietermaritzburg (RSA) - 21.04.2011 Results Timed Training Session Men N° Name / UCI MTB Team Rank Run 1 Run 2 Best ... more »

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