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Peaty's New Pushbike Project
Steve Peat is collaborating ZumZum Bikes! Always one to give back to the sport, Peaty has put his energy into creating what looks like a fun and safe balance bike for the next generation of world champs to get their start. Check out what Peaty
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No More Beer in the Booth - Rob Warner on Becoming a Commentator
We stumbled upon this blog entry from Rob Warner on Giant's website, and since so many Vital readers are race fans, we thought it would be appropriate to share it here too. Rob, you HAVE come a long way since the good old Freecaster days, and whilst we miss the antics every now and then,
Warner and Peaty, back in 2012 - photo Sven Martin.
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Help This Young BC Mountain Biker Beat Cancer and Ride Again
Earlier this month, 18-year-old Kyle McConkey of British Columbia was told he had just weeks to live. He has been battling leukemia for two years. Kyle has been through two bone marrow transplants - one from his brother and a recent one from a donor
Kyle McConkey sporting a jersey from Brandon Semenuk, just one of many Pro riders to get behind the young mountain biker.
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Moab Bans Electric Bikes on Mountain Bike Trails
In a move that could set the precedent for the rest of the USA, the Moab Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has banned the use of electric bikes on mountain bike trails. A recent update to their website clearly states their viewpoint: "The Moab BLM has determined that motor
Photo: Drunkcyclist.com
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Heal Up Jamie Goldman
photo by Sven Martin (who's also healing up from surgery)
As many of you may know, Jamie Goldman crashed during the Taxco Urban DH race this past weekend in Mexico. While it was initially thought he was just banged up, it turns out he suffered broken C6 and C7 vertebrae, a broken wrist and a handful ... more »
2014 City Downhill World Tour Concludes in Taxco, Mexico
2014 Taxco Downhill Trailer. The 2014 City Downhill World Tour reaches its conclusion in Taxco, Mexico this coming weekend (October 24-25). This annual event marks one of the most iconic stops on the urban DH circuit, and with the amount of talent on
Filip Polc, Taxco Downhill 2013 - photo by Dave Trumpore.
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Fabien Barel and ACC Win in Finale, Jared Graves and Tracy Moseley Are Enduro World Champions 2014
Jared Graves looking relaxed during day 1 - photo by Dave Trumpore.
It came down to the final race of the season, and what a showdown it was: Finale Ligure offered up technical stages and long, hard liaisons to present the riders with a test of skill, strength, and mental toughness. Jared Graves only needed ... more »
2014 Red Bull Rampage Results, Andreu Lacondeguy Victorious
Big air and big speed won over big tricks today as Andreu Lacondeguy took his first-ever Red Bull Rampage victory. Lacondeguy used his first run to stomp his high-speed, action-packed line and earned a 95.25, some 6-points ahead of anyone else. ... more »
3 All-New GoPro Cameras - GoPro Introduces HERO4 Black, Silver and Entry Level HERO
GoPro dropped some serious digital bombs today with the release of three all-new camera models which includes two new HERO4 models and the new entry level HERO, which retails for only $129! The HERO4 Black features massive 4K and 2.7K modes, ... more »
2014 Red Bull Rampage Qualifying Results - #AGGYISIN
Louis Reboul had a great second run in qualifying and made finals - photo by Brandon Turman.
UPDATE: Sunday September 29 The second round of qualifying has just been completed, and there's been some shuffling atop the leaderboard. Aggy delivered under pressure to grab the number 1 qualifier spot with a huge 94 - yeah Aggy! ... more »

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