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2014 U.S. Gravity Mountain Bike National Championships Results
UPDATED - Pro DH Results are in Results from the 2014 U.S. Gravity National Championships from Angel Fire, NM are coming in. Cat 2 and 3 groups raced on Friday, June 20 and their results are posted below. We'll continue updating as the results ... more »
Race Report: Northstar's Dogbone DH Race with Trail Head Racing
This past weekend was Northstar’s first downhill race of the season and what a race it was. Throughout the weekend the lower chutes of the track became blown up more and more with each passing hour, and paired with winter’s still-prevalent course re-shaping,
After a rough morning of practice, THR's Owen O'Malley put together a strong run for 4th in Junior Expert.
... more »
Eastern States Cup Enduro, Blue Mountain Preview
This weekend I set out for Blue Mountain Bike Park in Palmerton, PA. The plan was to ride the stages for the Eastern States Cup Enduro which is being held on Sunday June 22 nd . That weekend there will also be a Super D at Blue Mountain on Saturday June 21 st . The video ... more »
Team Norco International Dynamic – Preparation for the World Cup Circuit
The World Cup downhill circuit is the pinnacle of high-speed mountain biking competition. Where speeds are known to exceed 70km/h on rock and root strewn purpose-built racecourses, nowhere else are the risks are so high and the competition ... more »
Josh Bryceland and Manon Carpenter Win Leogang World Cup
Sunday, June 15, 2014, and the World Cup is in full swing. We're not talking about the one where overpaid divas dive for penalties, we're talking about the one where strictly underpaid gladiators throw themselves down a mountain on a bicycle ... more »
Loic Bruni and Manon Carpenter Qualify Fastest in Leogang
Bruni won practice yesterday, but backed it up today when it counted too - photo Sven Martin.
Loic Bruni wasted little time showing that Fort William is behind him, with a scorching qualifying run that will see him take the start as last man down the hill in tomorrow's race run. Aaron Gwin and Ratboy are hot on his heels though, and ... more »
Gee Atherton and Manon Carpenter Fastest in Leogang Timed Training
Walking the track was enough for G-man to get up to speed - photo Sven Martin.
After yesterday's track walk it's down to business in Leogang today, as the riders put rubber to dirt to start to make sense of the track they will be racing on come Sunday. As we all know, timed training means nothing, but it is nevertheless ... more »
Troy Brosnan and Manon Carpenter Qualify Fastest in Fort William
Troy's preparation, playing Mad Skills MX for this race is obviously spot on! - photo by Duncan Philpott.
After qualifying was moved ahead due to an incoming weather system, the riders set out nice and early today for the first real measurement of where everybody stands this weekend. With the Vital Power Ranking writers shaking in their boots, the riders ... more »
Danny Hart and Emmeline Ragot Fastest in Fort William Timed Training
Danny Hart with a Canadian kickout at the BDS a couple of weeks ago - photo by Duncan Philpott.
Danny Hart and Emmeline Ragot were fastest down the hill in today's timed training. Timed training is of course useless as a tool for finding out the riders' real speed, but it shows who is already comfortable with their lines and ready to ... more »
Nico Lau and Tracy Moseley Win Tweedlove Enduro World Series
Round two of the 2014 Enduro World Series has wrapped up at the Tweedlove Festival in Scotland, and after two days of racing, Nico Lau has held onto his day 1 lead to claim his first ever EWS win. The race was plenty eventful bordering on chaotic ... more »

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