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DIY Carbon bike repair

7/21/2014 1:29 PM

Good news, you can fix your own bike when you crack that carbon. This looks totally safe.*


*This is totally not safe.

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7/21/2014 2:12 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/21/2014 2:13 PM

i saw that on shark tank and wondered if it would work for bikes haha. i'd try it. they hit it with a hammer, so it's totally safe!

plus you can totally redo your geometry/seat tube angle w/ the bamboo like in that photo!

7/21/2014 2:16 PM

7/21/2014 2:18 PM

I was actually curious if it would work well as a frame protector. They don't say how thick it is on the site.

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7/21/2014 2:25 PM

Seems legit.

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7/21/2014 4:18 PM

jasonvelocity wrote: I was actually curious if it would work well as a frame protector. They don't say how thick it is on the site.

i bet it would work just fine. it's like an ace bandage that you'd stretch out a bit...kinda like the external layers of a cast for a broken arm or something. you could sand down any rough edges (if you dare possibly sanding your frame, too). it would be permanent though. i saw the display example at home depot and it wasn't coming off the shovel handle anytime soon. it'd be like adding a layer/patch of fiberglass & resin to your frame...not much different to surfboard or boat repair patches.

7/21/2014 4:50 PM

I'd just use some KT tape and VitalMTB stickers

7/21/2014 5:14 PM

If you were especially clever, you could make your own frame.

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7/21/2014 8:04 PM

Funny I just did this today. Took a chunk out of the carbon on the underside of the swing arm but didn't completely crack it. I filled it with PC-Clear epoxy, just like fixing a surfboard. Stuff sets rock solid and I figure I will just ride it until the wheels fall off, or the rear triangle actually fractures and explodes into a million pieces.

7/23/2014 3:19 PM


7/24/2014 4:01 PM

Oh no! (@averone)It isn't the just the epoxy that holds your bike together. It is the carbon.
Not sure what the fibre material is in fibre fix. But I wouldn't imagine it is carbon. Or has anywhere near the strength of carbon.
Can't see the water activated epoxy being real flash either... Beware I say.
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