Tire Selection?

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12/5/2010 7:59 PM

So I am in need of help on selecting my next pair of tires to get for my bike and don't have a clue as to the best, most durable, etc.. My bike is a GT "Karakoram" and I trail ride and looking to get into downhill racing and some other types that interest me once it warms up here.

Chris Johnson
24 Hour Fitness
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12/5/2010 8:03 PM

Also, the tire on there before were VelociRaptors and they were pierced by a cokabur plant and flattened both tires and now they won't stay inflated? What tubing to get would be helpful as well to prevent this.

Chris Johnson
24 Hour Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer

12/6/2010 11:18 AM

Check this thread for a bunch of good tire reccomendations: http://www.vitalmtb.com/forums/The-Hub,2/All-Mountain-Tires,5279

You likely ran over what are commonly known as "goat heads". Honestly, the only way to prevent these from wreaking havoc on your rides is to avoid the areas they grow in and/or put some Stan's tire sealant in your tube.

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12/15/2011 1:20 PM

just avoid them!

stans in the tubes doesn't work as well as stans in a tire. when the tube moves in the tire it will also move the stans plug, freeing up the hole, and causing another flat.

there are also questionable tube compounds that do not like to seal with stans.

word on the street, tubes are a liability. Invest in a good tubeless setup from your local bike shop, put more than the recommended 2 oz in your tires if you ride through goat heads regularly, and get ready to smile