Forest Park MTB Trail Open House, April 20th

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4/4/2010 12:05 PM
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So if you are portland area guys, you know the current status of how "our kind" are being repped in the media & in consideration for land use, here's a chance for our large voice to at least be noticed:

April 20: Open House
Location – Holiday Inn Express, 2333 NW Vaughn; bicycle parking provided
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Online survey opens day after open house for 2 weeks (May 5)

This was posted by Tom Archer, president of NWTA

Lead, follow or get the F*CK off the trail....................... please.

Hello Vital MTB Visitor,

We’re conducting a survey and would appreciate your input. Your answers will help Vital and the MTB industry better understand what riders like you want. Survey results will be used to recognize top brands. Make your voice heard!

Five lucky people will be selected at random to win a Vital MTB t-shirt.

Thanks in advance,

The Vital MTB Crew

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