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fav post ride beer....

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10/3/2009 2:11 PM

Sam Adams Boston larger

10/4/2009 8:44 AM

Olands Export

10/9/2009 1:17 PM


10/14/2009 9:50 AM

pabst blue ribbon, easily

10/23/2009 5:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/4/2011 5:10 PM

lol, well, I am Costarican, so obviously an Imperial for me!!!

10/27/2009 7:41 PM

the good old PBR it has become quite the trend---------

11/11/2009 5:14 PM

That Dale's Pale Ale they make outside BoCo is damn refreshing, and packs a bit of a punch. For pure hydration, PBR.

11/14/2009 10:08 PM

Coors Light or Heineken.

12/2/2009 12:14 AM

Bud/Harp or a bit of old trusty tonic wine (Buckfast) lol or all three in stupid amounts

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12/30/2009 3:12 PM

PBR, for hydration purposes.

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2/27/2010 1:27 AM

wink wrote:

pabst blue ribbon, easily

wow dude. PBR... old fashion right there. I prefer to drink Mikes Hard Lemonade.

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4/6/2010 6:16 PM

Id have to say O'Douls best non-alchoholic beer available


4/6/2010 9:29 PM

Stroh's is my standby, but I think my favorite is Ska Brewery's Pinstripe Red. Shit is tasty.

4/7/2010 10:19 AM

If I didnt work in the last month, PBR for shizz...if I got some tender notes in my pocket, to Barley Bros. (local microbrewery) for Destroyer IPA (14% abv)

5/14/2010 11:30 PM

haha what about pre ride beer? lol just kidding but shit bud light aint bad when ur out in the sun digging. but after if the cash is correct probably corona extra with a lil slice of lime and salt or zigenbock is always good...

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6/17/2010 12:41 PM

I have to go with either Stone IPA or Marble brewery Double IPA. If I'm digging/building Moosehead was pretty good to knock back

6/21/2010 9:41 PM

Gotta go with a Sierra Summerfest, or if you are in Chico, grab a Sierra Crystal Wheat on draft for $1.

2/21/2011 12:07 AM

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3/1/2011 10:24 PM

mtnryder wrote:

Gotta go with a Sierra Summerfest, or if you are in Chico, grab a Sierra Crystal Wheat on draft for $1.

Sierra Summerfest is a great one, on colder rides though I'd have to go with Fat Tire

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