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Fox DHX RC4 spring pressure???

3/14/2012 4:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/19/2012 7:04 PM

i currently have a Marzocchi roco WC coil rear shock (I think it has a 450lb spring), but i find that it is too firm. i was looking at getting a Fox DHX RC4 shock to replace it but i don't know what spring rate would be best suited for me.

Can anyone help??
I weigh between 60kg and 65kg if that helps.

3/1/2013 5:51 AM


just enter in your weight, travel of the bike, stroke of shock and how my sag you would like to run. then it will give you the ideal spring rate and a couple spring rates both directions of the ideal one

3/1/2013 7:41 AM

Why bother getting a whole new rear shock if the only problem is the spring? I ran a Roco World Cup for a while and had no issues with it.

3/1/2013 4:47 PM

Yeah i decided to keep the roco WC. i serviced it and also setup the adjustments properly, i found i'd turned the adjustments the wrong way initially, making it firmer. But i feels better now and that spring rate is probably more suited to my weight now.

Thanks anyway.
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