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CTD / Kasmina vs. Avalanche SSD

5/13/2013 3:41 PM

So I'm trying to decide what air shock to get for my light FR / enduro ride which is an '09 SX Trail (I know about the problems of fitting an air shock to this frame and I think I've found a way around it, before you ask...). I can get an older couple year or DHX 5.0 that has the boost valve on eBay for $300 and get the Avalanche SSD damper plus custom tuning for pretty much the same price as buying a 2013 CTD DHX 5.0 with boost valve and the Kasmina coating.
So the question is do the Kasmina coating and the CTD make that much of a difference or would it be better to go with the Avalanche damper? I don't have any experience with the DHX air, but I hear the older ones were not that great, and the 2013 version of CTD isn't that good either. Small bump sensitivity is paramount in my mind... My old RP23 wasn't that good at small bumps.
Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
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