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Shaving off weight

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7/20/2012 4:57 PM

looking to shave off some weight on my dj bike. any ideas on lighter parts like ti stuff??

7/20/2012 5:35 PM

Got a current bike check photo you can post up?

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7/20/2012 6:14 PM

7/20/2012 8:02 PM

You could drop a few pounds in the fork and front tire alone. Start there before going ti anything. You'll notice a big difference with a lighter front end, especially on bar tricks (x-ups, barspins, etc).

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7/20/2012 9:36 PM

What fork would work better?

7/21/2012 8:48 AM

I always thought that Manitou forks were generally on the light side. I was going to suggest a ti spindle for those cranks. I think Primo makes one for those.

7/21/2012 9:23 AM

The Circus Expert is 4.7 pounds. A Fox 831 is 3.7, Argyle 4.4.

Could also trim your steerer for a few easy grams.

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7/21/2012 6:14 PM

yeah i was thinking a ti spindle would be an easy upgrade. would ti spokes be an good idea?

11/14/2012 9:36 AM

Change your tires get some khe Mac tires will probably drop about a pound off the ones you have now.

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1/27/2013 3:25 AM

u can trim ur steerer, get a smaller seat post maybe and the tires will be my guess. I dont like ti parts, they suck dick, especialy profile ti parts

2/21/2013 6:41 PM

try out an 831
super light, and works

and also, get new tires
those holy rollers are tanks

2/22/2013 1:43 PM

Are those primo hollow bites or the power bites. Those cranks are usually sold for bmx, with he intentions of how strong they are. You could always get some new cranks and get rid of the spacers on steer tube. Besides that the fork could go like the others were saying, but unless you got some dough to fling around, it might be worth getting a new fork. The 831 is a nice piece of work, if your trying to save money don't get kashima, and by a used one from pink bike.

2/24/2013 10:32 AM

Ti spokes are just a waste of money, get a new pair of light tires instead. Continental race king supersonic are mega light.
You could possibly find a pair of X0 cranks pretty cheap too. Better than getting a ti spindle for the primos.

5/20/2013 6:05 PM

I think ditching the Holy Rollers is a good idea. I had one on my last bike, and it was a beast. You'll notice the difference immediately. I've got a KHE Mac 2 Park and Tioga Powerblock right now. No complaints.