New indoor park in Portland - the Lumberyard

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5/11/2011 1:26 PM

Hey Portland locals, this looks pretty rad:

Introducing the Lumberyard

May 09, 2011 - Portland, OR – The Lumberyard is positioning itself to be the premier indoor bike park operator in the Pacific Northwest. With the initial location slated for Portland, Oregon, the Lumberyard will deliver year-round riding opportunities to fulfill a latent need for recreational cyclists of all types, ages and abilities.

The Lumberyard features beginner/sport/expert sections, a foam pit, rhythm & jump lines, a BMX street park, pump/race tracks, XC loop and much more. It will be more than a riding venue and will serve as a community cycling hub and a world-class training facility. Skills workshops, day camps, private instruction, races/competitions, demo days will all be offered at the Lumberyard. It will include a concession counter with food and drink, a cafe lounge for parents and an event room for special events, parties and club meetings. Additionally, the Lumberyard will have a small retail & service shop, providing replacement parts and rental services for bikes and safety equipment.

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5/11/2011 1:29 PM

Sick! We need this in Colorado

Big Bird

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5/16/2011 8:08 AM

Sweet! It looks just like a Ray's but open year round! You guys are welcome to build a few in California too. How about we start in Santa Cruz?


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5/17/2011 5:35 AM

Haha they should've hired a real animator to make that video! Turman knows what I'm talking about.
Regardless it looks sick. I've got friends in Portland so maybe I'l just have to make my way up there when this is rollin.