nor/cal trails ?

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Vital MTB member Nate_Spicer
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3/25/2011 2:34 PM

I just moved to humboldt county and I was wondering if any one out there knows if there are any sick trails in my area


Vital MTB member flipfilipowicz
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4/26/2012 3:40 PM

Hey bro, there's one that I know of Cow Mountain which is Ukiah and it has a few different trails. I am part of a FB group called "NorCal Gravity" and there's a bunch of people in your area that ride that are in the group. One guy works at Dave's Bike Shop in Ukiah and he does free shuttles on a lot of Sundays up at Cow. If you're interested let me know and I'll get you in the group....there's always people looking to ride.

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