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3/27/2013 5:53 AM

i was riding my bike and there was a incident where i slammed into car wheel with my front tire. it let air out of my fork but i fixed that. but now my fork has a bit of wobble inside the head tube. i can move it up and down. does anyone know how i could fix it or what is wrong with it? i could use any help i could get. thanks.

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3/27/2013 6:37 AM

When you hit the car, your stem slipped up your steer tube of your fork, making your headset loose. You need to loosen the pinch bolts on the side of the stem, snug the top bolt to just tighten the headset, and retighten the pinch bolts. It is important that you don't over tighten the headset or it will feel funky and possibly damage the bearings. Take it to your local bike shop if you're unsure.