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Video of the Month Contest presented by Pro-Tec
March Video of the Month Assignment: Anything Goes! Well, almost anything. Any video uploaded (not embedded) to Vital MTB during the month of March is eligible for the $250 cash prize and Pro-Tec Pro Kit. The only thing we ask is that riders in ... more »
First Ride: 2010 Trek Remedy 9.9
Is "Shock and Awe" too lame a phrase to introduce the 2010 Trek Remedy 9.9? Sorry if it is, but the proprietary Fox Float DRCV RP23 rear shock used on the bike, combined with the awe-inspiring look and performance of the OCLV carbon frame are ... more »
Sideflight Championships Weekend
If you haven't heard by now, the first-ever X-Fusion Sideflight Championships event was canceled due to incredibly high winds. As a result, the event results were based off of Friday's practice session. In first place was Sean "Griz" McClendon followed
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Custom Graphics: Splat for Intense 951 by hieroglyphFX
Written by Griz Think about a time when mountain biking was at a peak, action sports were blowing up, hip-hop was original, punk rock was great, Saved by the Bell was fresh and the entire globe wasn’t broke. Yes, the 1990’s were a great time with, good
... more »
Why Not? Prototype Intense 2951
About 2 weeks ago, Jeff Steber, the man behind Intense Cycles, released photos of a prototype 29-inch-wheeled downhill bike. Using the same machined parts and pieces from the stock 951, the bike was dubbed the 2951. The public reaction to this bike is
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First Ride: 2010 Trek Scratch 9
A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Trek Ultimate Ride in Moab...a fancy name for a kick ass time on some kick ass bikes. The 2010 Trek Scratch and 2010 Trek Remedy bikes were debuted and a bunch of us media dorks had a chance to
... more »
It All Adds Up: Secret Syndicate Testing Session
The Santa Cruz Syndicate was testing new downhill bike geometry at Northstar a few weeks ago and Vital MTB gets you into the session. Greg Minnaar and Steve Peat worked with Santa Cruz engineers on bike geometry that will suit the 2010 World Cup season.
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Proven: Fox Racing Launch Knee Pads
Along with helmets, knee pads may be the most important piece of protection for riding a mountain bike. Those complicated joints in your legs are worth protecting, whether you're downhilling, jumping, skateparking or even riding XC.
While personal ... more »
Vital Everywhere: Vital MTB Mobile Site
Isn't technology fascinating? The thought of being able to stay up-to-date with mountain bike news, photos and videos from your mobile phone or device is no longer a thing of the past. Access the best Vital MTB content where ever you are with ... more »
Race for Tara 3
When the first Race for Tara benefit event took place, Tara Llanes was present via cell phone and computer connection from her hospital bed after a critical spinal cord injury. This past weekend at the third event, she was shredding the mountain ... more »

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