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Hanksville, Utah, Small Town, Big Desert
This trip and article came together in February 2005 and I can't imagine many people saw it back then. Six years later, I think it's time for a look back. Thanks to Go-Ride, P-Tucky and CVD for a great barrel of memories! -gordo -----------------------
On the road...
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TRUVATIV Launches Updated Product Line
TRUVATIV just sent word that they've revamped their full line of products for the new year - including an updated line of handlebars, stems and seatposts. Look for wider bars (780mm BooBars!), new graphics, model names, and even a new logo. Click the
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Initial Impressions of the 2012 Avid Elixir 7 and Elixir 9 Disc Brakes
Words by Brandon Turman Photos by Adrian Marcoux A few weeks ago, Avid invited me to take part in the unveiling of their new 2012 Elixir disc brake lineup, which includes the Elixir 7 and Elixir 9.  What follows are my initial impressions gathered during
Following the second day's ride on the Elixir 7 equipped Devinci Dixon.
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Duncan Riffle Interview: America, Style, & 2011
Olly Forster Photography: Jake Orness Duncan Riffle has been racing bikes his whole life ,  graduating from BMX to mountain biking when he was twelve and now, a pro racer on one of the most prestigious factory teams in the sport.
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Follow 200+ Pro MTB Riders on Twitter
We slaved away for hours and hours to find as many Pro riders on Twitter as possible.  We followed them all, then we put them in a Pro rider list which you can follow with just a click of a button.   If anything big is happening in the MTB
Danny Hart's 2011 jersey
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Easton Havoc Wheelset Preview
Easton's heavy-duty Havoc trail wheelset has seen some upgrades from the previous Havoc model. Hand built a meticulous attention to detail, the wheelset lost 150g and gained 1mm in rim width. This particular set of Havocs has been sent to one of our testers for some hammer time and
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Vote for the Winner of the Vital MTB PhotoChop Contest
With a bunch of awesome entries, it was really tough to narrow the field down to 5 finalists, but we've done it. Now you get to determine the winner! Leave the number (1 thru 5) of your favorite entry in the comments below. The overall winner will get
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2011 Nevada State DH Champs Race Report
Report by Gene Hamilton Action shots by Justin Dawes Downhill racing is alive and well in the US!  Despite having two winter downhill races on the same weekend (within 4 hours of each other) the turnout at both events was huge and the US racers are really
Riders hiking up for a practice run
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Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Live Webcast 2011
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Watch the 9th running of the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo from Chile, one of the most famous urban downhill races on the planet! Tons of cheering fans, checkers or wreckers local racers, big time pros and sketchy lines make this a must-watch!
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Vital MTB Photo Chop Contest 2
Welcome to the 2nd Vital MTB Photo Chop Contest. Pro-Tec will be giving away a Pro-Tec Pro Kit for the best digital alteration of this Geoff Gulevich photo, shot by Ross Measures.
Click the image to get the hi-res version
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