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The Dan Atherton Interview Part 1: Long Walks in the Mind's Cage
By Seb Kemp On 6th July 2010 Dan Atherton fell directly onto his head, fracturing the C1 and C2 vertebrae. He was taken to the hospital where they told him he was lucky to be alive. Had his fractured vertebrae moved and damaged the nerves that run through
Photograph: Sven Martin
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New Snafu MTB Products Are Now Available in the USA
Our pals at Sidewall Distro just gave us a heads up that Snafu's long awaited MTB products are now available in the USA.   Check the specs:
4130 MTB Bar Butted and tapered 4130 chromoly construction 38mm rise x 725mm width x 5° backsweep 31.8mm OD ... more »
You Ask Aaron Gwin 17 Questions
Vital MTB is going to be at Ray's Milwaukee this weekend and so is Aaron Gwin. We need to do a 17 questions with Gwinny and my brain is tired, so YOU ask the questions. ASK YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
Aaron Gwin doing some self-dentistry in the fall of 2009.
Vital MTB PhotoChop Contest
Welcome to the first Vital MTB Photo Chop Contest. To kick things off, Pro-Tec will be giving away a Pro-Tec Pro Kit for the best digital alteration of this Geoff Gulevich photo, shot by Ross Measures.
Photo by Ross Measures. Gully noted, "I'm ready to be ridiculed."
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Tested: Snafu Crenshaw
The Snafu Crenshaw...sometimes you just gotta poach the MBA front porch for a bike shoot.
Long-time BMX component company, Snafu, has made their way into the mountain bike world with the introduction of two dirt/street-specific hardtails - the fully rigid Hawthorne and the suspension-equipped Crenshaw. Both bikes stand out in ... more »
Bar Drag Bounty Results
The people have spoken. With 198 votes, the winner of the first Bar Drag Bounty and a Fox 36 VAN 180 RC2 is... Bountiful Bar Dragging North East Style This video took the win in the viewer voting by a significant margin amongst a tight field. Well done, guys. You get the Fox 36 and a pair
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Eastern Nightrain Wheels and Bars
There's nothing better for the winter blues than adding some color to your whip. My dirt jumper just got a KILLER upgrade courtesy of Eastern Bikes. They sent over a set of Nightrain wheels and bars in blingy red. I just threw the wheels on and ... more »
USA Cycling Rules on Helmet Cameras and MP3 Players
This thread in our forum about helmet cams during National Champs got pretty lengthy. Ultimately, USA Cycling Commissaire, Tod Manning, responded to the original situation as well as the current rules regarding helmet cameras and MP3 players in USAC-sanctioned competition. Check it out, and thanks for your ... more »
EGO-Kits Introduces the E-Powered DH Bike Kit
The German brand EGO-Kits recently released footage of its E-Powered Downhill Bike Kit (shown above on a Kona).  It certainly looks to be an interesting solution to pedaling your way to the top or shuttling. The kit includes the following: ... more »
Introducing the Giro Xar Trail Helmet
The new Giro Xar trail helmet, spawned from the proven Giro Xen, has finally come to market. Vital MTB spent some time at the Giro facilities in Scotts Valley, California to meet the people and see the processes behind the most comfortable trail helmet I've ever
My personal Xar. Along with the fit, I'm a fan of the color and graphics.
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