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Vital MTB Launches Product Guide
Vital MTB is proud to announce the launch of the Vital MTB Product Guide, a place where consumers can research, compare and review mountain bikes, parts, clothing and accessories. Users can find information and photos on hundreds of mountain bike products and Vital
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My Backyard: Zach and Friends
Zach Hensley is one of those guys who just gets shit done. If you're in touch with his digging activities, you'll know he's got his head down and his shovel deep, but when he posts photos of his latest digging exploits on the web, his commitment becomes
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Win $250 for Your MTB Video
Any video uploaded to Vital MTB during the month of March is eligible for the $250 cash prize and Pro-Tec Pro Kit. The only thing we ask is that riders in the video wear protective gear. Get the cameras out and get crackin'! Upload Your Video Now! Embedded videos (youtube,
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Product Blog: Pro-Tec Gravity Knee Pads
Knee pads are the staple of a rider's gear these days. Downhillers, freeriders and dirt jumpers value their knee pads as much (if not more) than their helmets. If you injury your knees, you're going to be sitting on the sidelines, and no one wants that.
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2010 Ray's Angels Women's Weekend
by Vital MTB Member, Caitlin Kealey When riding bikes, the moose knuckles usually outweigh the camel toes... It isn’t unusual to show up at the trailhead or the hill and be one of a handful of women while the testosterone dominates. Skateparks are often one of the most male dominated
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MTB Strength Training: The Cure for Arm Pump
Is there anything worse than flying down a trail and having to slow down or stop because of arm pump? Your legs and lungs are fine, your bike is dialed and your skills are on point, you just can not take the burning and pain in your forearms. ... more »
Ray's Angels Women's Weekend
QUICK UPDATE, SUNDAY AFTERNOON After a few days offline, shredding Ray's during the Ray's Angels weekend, I just returned home. I'll be putting up a complete feature soon, but I just wanted to say thanks to Ray's and all the people who created such a
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The Snowscoot - Winter's Alternative to MTB?
If you haven't seen dry dirt for 2+ months, this may look like a ton of fun.  For others, it might not.  Either way, it's a creative way of bringing bikes to the snow.  Just like the real deal, there are several types of snowscooting.  These videos showcase
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Product Blog: Pro-Tec Shovel Head 2 Helmet
The Pro-Tec Shovel Head 2 is a full-featured fullface helmet for downhilling, freeriding and dirt jumping. It is CE/CPSC & ASTM 1952 / 2032 certified, well-ventilated and has a removable liner for easy cleaning. Check out the video to get the scoop on this smooth
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Into the Sun, Escaping Winter
This past week, the SolVista Bike Park team escaped the snow and frigid temperatures of Colorado for the sun and 70-degree weather of California. A team training camp in January is the perfect way to keep the riding spirits high during the winter months
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