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Best of Vital 2013 - Ten Products That Are Hard To Beat
The mountain bike industry has impressive capacity for innovation, and produces a considerable amount of new equipment each year that allows us to get more enjoyment out of our sport. Lighter, stronger, and sometimes even cheaper, this stream ... more »
Bilenky Junkyard Race 2013
Junkyard Cyclocross: Bikes, Bails and Brief Nudity by Derreck Delk For one day each fall, the crew at Bilenky Cycle Works transform a working junkyard into a cyclocross racecourse. Over 200 racers navigate the salvage yard -- twisting chicanes around
George Ryan relaxes between rides
... more »
Best of Vital - Top Five Web Edits of 2013
We live in the age of the web edit. Every day our screens and feeds are filled with anything from George and Frank's latest GoPro straight-from-the-memory-card-to-YouTube film to full-on mega productions, and whilst it can sometimes be hard ... more »
Best of Vital 2013 - Five Fresh Vital Videos
We're fortunate enough to work with a bunch of very talented film-makers here at Vital, and they've kept us entertained all throughout 2013 with their fresh and almost insolently good work. From the roughest back-country tracks in the UK to ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp - Presented by Spank
UPDATE: Stillmrg's shot of a big no hander over the sprawl of suburbia below is this week's popular vote - he takes home the Oozy 26AL EVO Wheelset! Vital member Alex W. is our lucky voter - Alex, you've got a brand spanking new Oozy Stem and Oozy Handlebar Cockpit ... more »
Best of Vital 2013 - 5 Stories, 5 Slide Shows
Not a video, not a photo epic - the slideshow is a unique and inspirational way to tell a story, and with all the action of 2013 there were many to be told! This Best Of is a look back at some of the highlights of last season's action on and ... more »
Best of Vital 2013 - 5 Banger Bike Checks
Vital members have the raddest rides in the world, proof of which is provided daily in the form of our universally acclaimed Bike of the Day presentation. Picking just 5 rigs from this 360-day long river of awesomeness was never going to be ... more »
Best of Vital 2013 - 5 Videos That Kept It Real
With the avalanche of content hitting your screens every day, you'll be forgiven if a few items slip under your radar. As always, Best Of Vital has your back, and for this year's end we'll be bringing you a special series of look back features ... more »
Vital's Bravest - Monthly Contest Presented by Five Ten - December Winner
December 2013 Vital member Karol Hapel (aka Frantic_Shishkebab) is the kind of rider who should be on every crew. Ready to send it, whether it ends in success or in the bushes, he seems happiest when he's pushing the boat out a bit. You don't need huge ... more »
Vital MTB's Top Reviewer Award - Presented by Jenson USA
Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member mtbfemme wrote a handful of good reviews, and we'd like to highlight the ones that helped earned her the Top Reviewer ... more »

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