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Best Of Vital 2014 | Five Banger Bike Checks
Nobody can deny that 2014 was an exciting year for mountain biking, and that shines through in our Bike Check section as well. Our readers have submitted a whopping 5000 bikes to date, 360-odd of which have had the honor of being selected for ... more »
First Look: Bouwmeester Composites Carbon Wheels
Carbon wheels have gone from fringe product to mainstream acceptance in just a few short years, but that does not mean that there is not room for improvements and further innovation - far from it. Bouwmeester Composites is a young Australian firm that specializes ... more »
Happy Holidays from Vital
Two-wheeled fun can last a lifetime. That's why every Christmas since 2009 we've donated BMX bikes to underprivileged kids. There's nothing like a shiny new bike under the tree! Best wishes to all this holiday season from Vital MTB, Vital MX and Vital BMX
Pictured in center (from L to R) - Albert Diaz, Kyle Carlson, Brandon Turman, Michael Morgan, Todd Toth, Brad McDonald, Patrick Male, Steve Giberson. Pictured around perimeter (from bottom left) - Aaron Chandler, Shawn Spomer, Johan Hjord, Lexa Kharchenko, Michael Lindsay, Christine McDonald, Chris Wilmshurst, Vadim Shevchenko, and Tom Edson.  Not pictured - all of our great contributors.
... more »
The Making of The Ridge with Danny Macaskill
By now, you're probably one of the 25 million people who have seen The Ridge, Danny MacAskill's latest edit featuring Danny's amazing skillset applied to riding a trail bike on the Isle of Skye, filmed by the good people of Cut Media. Of course, ... more »
First Look: 2015 FSA Mountain Bike Wheelsets
Full Speed Ahead(more commonly known as FSA) is diving headfirst into the mountain bike wheel game in 2015. Those who have followed the brand may remember FSA wheels back in 2009/2010, which lasted just a short while in a saturated marketplace. While ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp - Presented by KORE
UPDATE: Michal Marciniak's shot took home an easy victory this week, much to the delight of Vital member jaka, this week's lucky voter. Both winners will each receive a sweet cockpit set up from KORE! At just 251-grams, ... more »
Vital Soapbox - Mountain Biking and the Mainstream
Andy Warhol famously predicted that in the future, everybody will be famous for fifteen minutes. The prophecy may not have been completely fulfilled as of 2014, but the increased mediatization of our lifestyle certainly means that reaching ... more »
10 Instagrammers You Should Follow but Probably Don't - Vital Gram Central
Vital Gram Central took a week off because gordo had a new baby boy (well, his wife did), and even though Sven was texting relentlessly about getting the Gram Central feature published as the baby's head was popping out, gordo resisted the ... more »
Bryceland's Big, Bad Banger Bonanza - 21 Photos of Ratboy
photo by Sven Martin
If a picture is worth a thousand words, let's just have these 21,000 words do the talking. 26-inch wheels or 27.5, it doesn't matter. Bruised and battered or primed for fighting, it makes no difference. Soak up Josh Bryceland in all his glory ... more »
First Look: All New 2015 Santa Cruz V10 Carbon
The bike that Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland won the 2014 UCI World Cup Series Championship on is now available to the public.
How do you improve something that's already been overhauled? It turns out Santa Cruz began the redesign in 2013, and tonight ... more »

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