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2015 Vital MTB Trail Bike Test Sessions Introduction
Nearly 20 new bikes tested in the mountains surrounding San Luis Obispo, California
"You're going to California for a few weeks to test bikes?! Rough job!" We hear that all the time. Yes, testing bikes is a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. ... more »
Best Of Vital 2014 | Five Wicked Web Videos
There were a good few web videos produced this year that really turned heads. Not just great riding (there was a lot of that) or great cinematography (there was some of that too), but edits that delivered an experience that made you want to ... more »
First Look: 2015 Evil Bikes 'The Following' 29er
The first 29er from Evil Bikes has arrived. Known as The Following , it has 120mm travel with short chainstays and a do-it-all attitude. Paired with a 120-130mm travel fork and a relatively slack head angle, the bike is likely to be more capable than
... more »
This Guy Earned a $100 Jenson USA Gift Card for His Vital MTB Member Reviews - You Could Too!
Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member mpqueiros wrote a review of the new Banshee Run V2 that we'd like to highlight. It helped earned him the Top Reviewer ... more »
What's Out and What's In - Mountain Biking in 2015
Vital MTB solicited 262 of mountain biking's most established industry and media folk to create a list of what's out and what's in for mountain biking in 2015. Abide by this list and you'll be totally on-trend while on the trail and on the ... more »
Best Of Vital 2014 | 5 Stories, 5 Slide Shows
One of the things that sets the mountain bike apart from other sports equipment is that it is also a vehicle. Not just a toy, a bike has the capacity to transport both your body and your soul, and to take you to destinations you might never ... more »
Sneak Peek: 2015 Canfield Brothers Riot 29er FS
Looks like the Canfield Bros have another new project in the works! A few short riding clips featuring Chris Canfield on the prototype just surfaced. The bike appears to be a big wheel version of the recently released Balance, and may feature a similar suspension design.
... more »
Best Of Vital 2014 | Five Fresh Vital Videos
If there is one thing the bike industry is not lacking, it's web edits of people riding bicycles. The sheer amount of video being produced on a constant basis is enough to turn even the most hard-core fan into a jaded cynic some days. Well ... more »
Spy Shot! Prototype FOX Air Downhill Shock
In the final episode of This Is Peaty, Steve Peat guides viewers through a tour of the FOX headquarters in Scotts Valley, California. When they enter the test lab, Peaty shows off one of FOX's latest projects - a prototype air shock unlike anything we've seen from the brand
... more »
Best Of Vital 2014 | Ten Products That Are Hard To Beat
2014 was a bad year to be a credit card. While we only award one Bike of the Year and one Product of the Year Shreddy, there were plenty of other offerings lining the shop shelves and the front pages of your favorite web stores, waiting in ambush for the ... more »

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