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Pack Fill: A Good Year
By Phil Wheeler I would venture to guess that at one point or another, every one of us who races downhill asks ourselves why we are still doing this shit. This moment might hit you while you are trying to wipe your ass with two broken wrists, or when your bank
Top of the World Champs podium...where does one go from there?
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Fast Five with Mitch Chubey
Mitch Chubey is a sleeper. He's no slouch on the slopestyle course and all of his competitors know it. Ready to take a beating, but ready to take the podium, Chubey is hungry and willing to put in time to get his goals accomplished. This master of the truckdriver
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Fast Five with John Hauer
From grom to grown up, John Hauer is a big reason behind X-Fusion's big plans and products. He takes the long way around this awesome Fast Five. How are the new X-Fusion digs? Pretty unreal! I have been with X-Fusion for almost 5 years now and when I
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2011 Highland S'Ender Bash and Video Contest
by Ryan Thibault "TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!!!" It is official. On Highland's closing day, November 12th 2011, we tore the flippin' roof off lodge! 
The Cop Outs kept the party going strong.
The Highland crew outdid themselves again with the most uproarious S'ender Bash ever. ... more »
Fast Five with Matt Thompson
The first time I ever came into contact with Matty (aka ballr) was in 1998 or 1999...he yelled at me for not wearing a helmet while riding the dual slalom track at Thunder Valley and I took off, LOL. Since then, I've had the chance to yell at him
Mt. Snow, 2005 or 6 courtesy of littermag...something matty was a big part of.
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Event: Highland S'Ender Bash - November 12
“TOGA TOGA TOGA!” It’s time for the S’ender Bash again. This year Highland will be throwing it Animal House style! Your cover charge not only goes to a fine charity, it also comes with a free toga at the door. That’s right, think togas, live ... more »
Grand Opening: Troy Lee Designs Boutique and Design Center
There was quite a turnout for the grand opening of the Troy Lee Designs Boutique and Design Center in Laguna last week. If you're looking to visit, the address is 380 Glenneyre Street, Suite A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. It's open Sunday through ... more »
High 5's - October 2011
Featured Videos 1. Mountain Biker Gets Taken Out by a BUCK (Only in Africa!)2. World's Biggest Backflip Drop - Cam Zink and Kyle Strait3. 17 Questions: Brendan Fairclough4. From the Inside Out - Official Trailer5. ONLY MTB Exclusive: Brandon Semenuk Member Videos 1. North Legion SMX 2011- shizofanatic.com 2. How I fractured my pelvis (and ribs)....3. Trent Del Grippo - 10 yo DH Grom - Colorado Fall Edit4. Nige Page: Nukeproof Mega5. Summer Daze Feature Photo Albums 1. Lars Sternberg's Transition TR450 Bike Check2. Fabien Barel's Mondraker Foxy R3. Downieville Classic with Yeti Cycles4. Ridden: The 2012 Trek Session 9.9 Carbon5. Matt Ryan's Specialized S-Works Enduro Member Photo Albums ... more »
Downhill World Champion Interview, Steve Peat
There was nothing the entire mountain bike community wanted more than for Steve Peat to win a World Championship. With a long list of 2nd place World Championship finishes, Steve Peat, who was one of the oldest racers in the start gate, finally earned
Steve Peat, UCI World Championships, Canberra, Australia 2009. Photo by Sven Martin
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Downhill World Champion Interview, Gee Atherton
The World Championships at Val di Sole in 2008 featured one the most drama-filled downhill races in history. As the riders came down, Steve Peat was on the verge of securing his first World Championship with a quick time. Sam Hill, who currently held
Val di Sole 2008, Gee wins his first Elite DH World Championship. photo by Gary Perkin
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