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2011 Trans Provence Enduro, Day 1
Photos by Irmo Keizer and Michiel Rotgans From  Basecamp in Rochebrune this morning to Clamensane and camp two for the night, today riders embarked on the first day of this incredible seven day adventure across Provence, starting the three hundred
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2011 USA Gravity National Championships
American gravity racers, pro and amateur alike, battle for our country's top honor in North Carolina for the 2011 US Gravity National Championships.
Downhill Post Race Interviews Jill Kintner plays reporter and catches up with all the big names after the race. ... more »
What Should Replace UCI 4X?
Since UCI World Cup 4X recently got punted over the first berm, let's take a poll to see what you think should replace the gated racing sport. {poll:19} Giant Slalom isn't in the poll, but here's DH World Champ, Danny Hart entertaining you anyhow.
John Cowan Launches Cowan Bikes, Debuts Carbon Dirt Jump Frame
We all remember John Cowan as the original new school freerider and the guy who thought tricks were the way to go when everyone else was still trying to huck and skid. Spending more than a decade as a pro-rider/designer, grinding out the framework of
Who says jump bikes need to be made with 19th Century technology? Steel is great... if you are making a trailer hitch. - John Cowan
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Zerode Bikes Available in the United States
North American riders, get stoked. Zerode bikes are now available www.ZerodeUSA.com
It appears as though the Zerode G-1 downhill bike is in stock and going for $3,499, a low price to pay for zero chain noise and a reportedly very, ... more »
STUND Season 3 Coming to Vital MTB
The Boys are back!
Enough with the questions! Yes, there will be a 3rd season of STUND, and it will be debuting on Vital MTB. One episode per week. Eight episodes total. Are you ready? STUND Season 3 Trailer- More Mountain BikeVideos STUND Visions, ... more »
TESTED: Profile Elite MTB Hubs
Review by Matt Thompson photos/video by Kevin Shiramizu I’m not what one would consider a flag-waving, “U-S-A”-chanting American. Typically I don’t get too fired up about patriotic causes and such. I’d be a damned liar, though, if said I didn’t get a small swell
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Contour Releases the ContourROAM, $199 Easy-to-use POV camera
From Lacey @ Contour Oh man. It's on. It's so on. Today is a big day for us. Today we unleash the beast that is ContourROAM. It's been a long time coming, and we are freakin' pumped to share this camera with you. It's the camera for every man ... more »
Product Spotlight: iXS Hack-Series Soft Pads
Flexibility and safety combined ...
For the Hack-Series, iXS Sports Division worked closely with René Wildhaber. The Swiss rider has collected no less than six wins at the Mégavalanche Alpe d’Huez, which is why he’s often called the “Mega Man.” Wildhaber ... more »
Win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup and Vivid R2C - Vital OTB, World Champs
Predict the winning times and riders for Pro Men's and Women's downhill at the 2011 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships and you could win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup fork and Vivid Coil R2C rear shock! How to Play In the comments below, predict ... more »

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