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STUND Episode 6 Delayed
It's out of our hands... What's up fellow mountain bikers.  We are very sorry to inform you that Episode 6 (Kelowna & Chatel) will be shown next monday (Nov 7th) due to complications which are out of our hands.  We decided you would all
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My First Enduro Race: Highland Mountain's OverMountain Enduro
by Erik Timmerman Enduro racing has finally made its way to New England. Last weekend Highland Mountain held the first OverMountain Enduro Race. Having never entered a race like this before and having been intrigued by all of the Enduro racing I’ve read
Ben Moody rallies the rocks at Highland. Photo by Erik Timmerman
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Fast Five with the Parkin Bros
Gold, Parkincense and Myrhh? 106th and Parkin? You're Parkin up the wrong tree? I gotta million of them, but the MTB media nerds known as the Parkin Bros only have 5. Which one of you guys is John and which one is Rob? J) I'm John, the better one. That's
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Fast Five with Joe Perrizo
Trials masher, backflip smasher and all-around thrasher, Joe Perrizo gets it done. What was the last thing you backflipped? The dirt hip at the end of our jump line. Does Caveman ever try to bench press you? No. He just bench presses heavy objects he
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Envelope Art Contest Update
The winner of the Envelope Art Contest is Mike Rye from Austin, Texas for the sheer awesomeness of his entry. Mike will be receiving a Vital MTB swag pack!
Honorable mention goes to Austin Anderson from Huntsville, Alabama. To get free stickers, ... more »
Killer Deal: 2011 Morewood Frames on Sale
Looking for next season's race frame? Fanatik Bike Co is offering 30% off on these 2011 Morewood frames. Get 'em while they're hot!
2011 Morewood Makulu Frame Sale Price: $1,950.00 MSRP: $2,999.00 In 2009, Morewood shook up the market with the completely re-designed ... more »
Fast Five with Adam Hauck
Not-quite-Jersey-Shore native, Adam Hauck adds some street riding flavor to the Fast Five. Chase thinks he'd beat you in an MMA cage match, so does Smutok. What do you think? If Chase and I were in a cage match I would murder him. He's never been in
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Tested: RockShox Reverb Adjustable Seat Post
My current all-mountain bike with RockShox Reverb.
by Acadian Being a tech geek, I’m typically an early adopter who really likes trying new things, but if new technology decreases my trail riding experience instead of enhancing it, then that’s a problem. Adjustable seatposts are just one those ... more »
Fast Five with Dave Smutok
Grab your glock! Highland Mountain Bike Park front man and blaster extraordinaire, Dave Smutok, goes for five. What's the best thing about running a mountain bike park? Besides having a great place to ride, it's gratifying seeing other people having
Dave Smutok's GT Distortion.
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Fast Five with Aaron Chase
East Coast legend, Aaron Chase digs into some Fast Five answers, then dries to dig his face into the ground with an arboreal auger. What was the last thing you 360 tire tapped? I rode yesterday with Hauck at my house, so it would be the spine in my back
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