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Brendan Fairclough's SCOTT Voltage
Brendog recently posted his new SCOTT Voltage on twitter follow him here). He says he won't be racing on the Voltage, it's just "for some whips in the USA" while he trains in Southern California. "You just wait for the downhill bike, it's going
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Athlete Winter Catch Up - Sam Dale
In this Five Ten athlete Winter Catch Up, we check in with Sam Dale, a 21 year-old Pro Downhill racer from Macclesfield, UK.  Five Ten Athlete since: Forever Sam and his Dad have a healthy obsession for anything 2 wheels. Here ... more »
Shock Talk: RockShox and Fox Racing Shox Dual Interview
Justin Frey and Jon Cancellier are in the trenches for all things mountain bike suspension. Justin works for Fox Racing Shox, Jon works for RockShox. They're both on the World Cup circuit working with the World's best riders. They're both in the shops
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Blasting into the New Year
We'd like to extend a massive thanks to all of our visitors, loyal members, riders, racers, videographers,  photographers, contributors, and the companies that help make it possible.  You guys rock. 2011 was rad, and 2012 will be ... more »
World Record 1904 Upside Down Loop Jump
While combing through the Guinness record books yesterday we noticed the following entry: Trick cycling was introduced by Ancillotti (Italy) in 1868 and, in 1904, at the Barnum Bailey Circus, one of the Ancillotti Troupe did a world first, riding down
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2011 Vital MTB Shreddy Awards
Welcome to the 2011 Vital MTB Shreddy Awards, the highest honors in all of mountain biking. The kings and queens of mountain biking have been crowned! 2011 RIDER OF THE YEAR! View Video on iPad and Mobile devices 2011 RIDE OF THE YEAR! View Video on iPad and Mobile devices 2011 Why in the World Would You Do
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Stocking Stuffer: iXS Phobos Helmet
We picked a winner of the comment contest! Stay safe this winter in the super affordable iXS Phobos Helmet. Despite its competitive price tag of $85, the Phobos fullface helmet is available in a variety of colors and designs – and it comes ... more »
Happy Holidays from Vital!
Pictured above (from L to R) - Brad McDonald, Todd Toth, Patrick Male, and Brandon Turman. Not pictured - Shawn Spomer, Steve Giberson, Kyle Carlson, Aaron Chandler, Alexander Farennikov, Christine McDonald, and all of our great contributors.
We donated 10 new bikes to Toys For Tots again this holiday season. Since our most cherished Christmas memories involve a new bike under the tree, we wanted to do our part to help other kids get rolling on two wheels. We only wish we could see each ... more »
Vital Went Huge: All About the New Site Format
Last we checked, it's the year 2011 (almost 2012), which means the large majority of you have high resolution monitors. We decided to take advantage of this and supersize just about everything. In the process, we also added a new widget to the homepage
MS Paint for the win
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Interview: Graham Agassiz
One of the finest to come out of Kamloops, Graham Agassiz, talks about guinea pigging massive gaps, living in a trailer, keeping stunts secret and injury. A true, modern-day ripper, riders like Graham are what keep mountain biking awesome. Read on...
WTF!!! Graham the guinea pig, 2010 Red Bull Rampage canyon gap. Photo by Sven Martin.
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