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Deals, Discounts, and Coupon Codes on Mountain Bikes, Parts, and Accessories
Looking to save a buck on your next mountain bike related purchase? Here's a list of current promotions at select retailers. We'll be adding to it often, so be sure to check back before buying online. Chain Reaction - Tire, Tube, and Pump Sale
Jenson USA - Azonic and Tire Sale ... more »
Stocking Stuffer: Bontrager Preset Torque Wrench
Bontrager has this rad little preset torque wrench to keep ham-fisters like myself safe when building up bikes with sensitive parts. The handy litle gizmo is preset to 5Nm, which is a common torque setting for cockpit pieces and comes in a 4mm allen
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Fast Five with Luke Strobel
Luke Strobel is one of America's fastest downhillers and unquestionably one of the most naturally stylish. With his full-on moto style and dedicated trail builidng ethic, Strobel is a Pacific Northwest legend who's just getting started... What's the
2011 Port Angeles ProGRT by Ki Kopkau
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Product Spotlight: Jett Elevation Hoody and Combat Ice Gloves
Winter is here. That's a fact. It's also a fact that we want to keep riding. To do that comfortably and keep from freezing to death, we've got to bundle up. That's where the Jett MTB Elevation Hoody and Combat Ice Gloves come into play.
Jett Elevation Hoody ... more »
Fast Five with Jill Kintner
Jill Kintner, America's female gravity mountain bike superstar. She's made the change from full-time 4Xer to full-time DHer and is patiently climbing to the top. Check out the first female Fast Five along with some pics that she sent... How's ... more »
Event Report: 2011 DMR Bikes Pump Track Challenge
by Chris Roberts Ben Baker steals the win from under the nose of Bernard Kerr in the dramatic finals battle. Riders turned up in big numbers for the race in Bristol - likely something to do with the Wideopen Magazine/Monster party after the race and
Bernard Kerr was setting the fastest times and looked like a safe bet to repeat the win he took at Leamington Spa in April.
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Vital MTB's Retail Partner Holiday Deals
It's that time of year! Before you know it you'll be setting out cookies and milk for Old Saint Nick. To help get you ready for the occasion, we've assembled a list of online promotions and deals from our retail partners that might make this time of
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Race Report: 2011 Southridge Challenge
By Walter Malzahn
As we come to the close of the 2011 race season here in Southern California, one last race is left on the calendar…..the 2011 Southridge Challenge sponsored by ODI.  Held the weekend of November 19-20, the Challenge was ... more »
Happy Thanksgiving!
From everyone here at Vital MTB, thanks for your support! We're grateful for our visitors, our members, our incredible content creators, the riders who put it on the line everyday, and all the companies that help make this online community awesome. Cheers
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Fast Five with Scott Hart
He loves to be called Scooter, just ask his wife. Scott Hart has been a staple of mountain biking for longer than most can remember. A race-hungry grommet who moved from Indiana to sleep on Mr. Dirt's floor in pursuit of dream many years ago, Hart has
Hart (as Burt Reynolds and writing the captions) - The lifestyle photo could be captioned 'Celebrating Movember with Matt Hunter,' but it's actually from the Halloween Rampage that Strait won (number four). I've been to every Rampage and worked that mountain from every angle - rider in year one, journalist for a few years (and as a legend - in my Burt Reynolds' Bandit costume) and a judge at the last one. More time machine!
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