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Vital MTB's Retail Partner Holiday Deals
It's that time of year! Before you know it you'll be setting out cookies and milk for Old Saint Nick. To help get you ready for the occasion, we've assembled a list of online promotions and deals from our retail partners that might make this time of
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Race Report: 2011 Southridge Challenge
By Walter Malzahn
As we come to the close of the 2011 race season here in Southern California, one last race is left on the calendar…..the 2011 Southridge Challenge sponsored by ODI.  Held the weekend of November 19-20, the Challenge was ... more »
Happy Thanksgiving!
From everyone here at Vital MTB, thanks for your support! We're grateful for our visitors, our members, our incredible content creators, the riders who put it on the line everyday, and all the companies that help make this online community awesome. Cheers
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Fast Five with Scott Hart
He loves to be called Scooter, just ask his wife. Scott Hart has been a staple of mountain biking for longer than most can remember. A race-hungry grommet who moved from Indiana to sleep on Mr. Dirt's floor in pursuit of dream many years ago, Hart has
Hart (as Burt Reynolds and writing the captions) - The lifestyle photo could be captioned 'Celebrating Movember with Matt Hunter,' but it's actually from the Halloween Rampage that Strait won (number four). I've been to every Rampage and worked that mountain from every angle - rider in year one, journalist for a few years (and as a legend - in my Burt Reynolds' Bandit costume) and a judge at the last one. More time machine!
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Getting Techy: 360-Degree Interactive Video of Slickrock
We've all grown accustomed to POV footage via helmet cams, but have you ever seen 360-degree footage of a trail? Or how about video that you can interact with for that matter? In a nutshell, Joergen Geerds designed and built the first-ever
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Just Another Reason Why Diamondback is Awesome
There is nothing more upsetting to an avid rider than having a bike stolen, which is exactly what happened to young Codey Durham. Thieves took all three of his bikes from his backyard, the same bikes that gave Codey a sense of freedom. You see, when
Codey's back at it thanks to the guys at Diamondback.
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Pack Fill: A Good Year
By Phil Wheeler I would venture to guess that at one point or another, every one of us who races downhill asks ourselves why we are still doing this shit. This moment might hit you while you are trying to wipe your ass with two broken wrists, or when your bank
Top of the World Champs podium...where does one go from there?
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Fast Five with Mitch Chubey
Mitch Chubey is a sleeper. He's no slouch on the slopestyle course and all of his competitors know it. Ready to take a beating, but ready to take the podium, Chubey is hungry and willing to put in time to get his goals accomplished. This master of the truckdriver
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Fast Five with John Hauer
From grom to grown up, John Hauer is a big reason behind X-Fusion's big plans and products. He takes the long way around this awesome Fast Five. How are the new X-Fusion digs? Pretty unreal! I have been with X-Fusion for almost 5 years now and when I
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2011 Highland S'Ender Bash and Video Contest
by Ryan Thibault "TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!!!" It is official. On Highland's closing day, November 12th 2011, we tore the flippin' roof off lodge! 
The Cop Outs kept the party going strong.
The Highland crew outdid themselves again with the most uproarious S'ender Bash ever. ... more »

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