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Five Ten Desktop Wallpapers
The awesome crew at Five Ten just dropped us a line with some rad new desktop backgrounds of Peaty and Danny Hart, so we thought we'd share. Photo credit goes to the talented Duncan Philpott. Be sure to also check out the growing collection of Vital MTB wallpapers. Step 1 - Click
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Fast Five with Brian Lopes
Brian Lopes is pretty much faster than you at everything, so this Fast Five makes more sense than most. Are you going to Tweet this interview with your shirt off? No, it's too cold up here in Santa Cruz, sorry to disappoint you. It has to be at least
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Fast Five with Cam Zink
Reno's most famous freerider gets it done proper and then front flips for your bleeding eyeballs. What was the last thing you watched on television? Inside the Outdoors on Fuel. Would you rather be punched in the face by your brother Howie or Zach Dank?
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Fast Five with Andrew Neethling
What PSI are you running in your front tire right now? Zero. My DH bike is hanging in Brendog's shed with a flat tire. Ready to be packed. How many times this year were you asked if Nate Riffle and Duncan Riffle are brothers? Don't understand the question.
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Vital MTB Envelope Art Contest
The most creative self-addressed stamped envelope mailed to Butterman will get a Vital MTB gift pack including t-shirts, a beanie and stickers! Just floss out your envelope and send it to Butterman by October 15, 2011. Even if you don't win the contest,
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2011 Trans Provence Enduro, Day 5 and 6
Greetings From Trans Provence, it's another double update day, so let's start with Day 5 DAY 5
Start: Guillaumes (793m) Trailhead: Bouchanières (1418m) Finish: St-Sauveur-sur-Tinée (500m) Riding distance: 39.22 km On-bike height gain: 977m ... more »
Fast Five with Eric Carter
How much does your trail bike weigh right now? Mid to high 28lbs depending on tire choice. In your exceptional MTB career, have you ever gone "Rocky" style and pounded raw eggs from a glass for your morning routine? No raw eggs in MTBs, but I did it
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Teva Links Shoe Review
by Shawn Spomer Skeptical I was a skeptic. The news came out that Teva was making mountain bike shoes. I figured, like so many of you out there, that our sport would be graced with a clipless sandal or a hyper-technical moon boot with stash pockets for your
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Interbike 2011, Vital MTB's Complete Guide
Vital MTB was at Interbike sniffing out all the sweet mountain bike products that will be out in 2012. Check out the links below and start making your wishlists now. Daily Photo Galleries Interbike Day 1 Photo Gallery(Outdoor Demo) Interbike Day 2 Photo Gallery(Outdoor Demo) Interbike Day 3 Photo GalleryInterbike Day 4a Photo Gallery ... more »
2011 Trans Provence Enduro, Day 3 and 4
Due to internet difficulties, day 3 and 4 updates came in at the same time, enjoy the action! Day 3 Video
Day 4 Video Day 3 Race Report Start:     Dignes -Les Bains Finish:  Villars- Colmars Riding  distance ... more »

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