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2012 Claymore Challenge Top 3 Runs
The top 3 finishers of the Claymore Challenge laid down some seriously technical and flawless runs. Enjoy the action from Highland Mountain and be glad you didn't have to be a judge!
1st Place, Brandon Semenuk 2nd Place, Brett Rheeder 3rd Place, ... more »
Something Different: Redalp's Downhill Bike
Here's an interesting one that found its way into our inbox this morning. Redalp was founded less than a year ago in Switzerland, and today they're launching this downhill bike.
The boys over at Redalp say that their patented articulated chain ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: The photo of Marcel Haczek sending it in some greenery by Paweł Karasiński takes the win this week, earning them bragging rights and a pair of Launch Pro Knee/Shin Pads! The Launch Pro Knee/Shin Pads build off the trusted Launch Pro Knee to offer ... more »
First Look: Giant's All-New 2013 Trance X 29er
Giant's new steed is nearly ready for public. Dubbed the "Ultimate Trail Bike" and developed in conjunction with super-everything champion Adam Craig, the Trance X 29er is everything you love about the original Trance X trail bike re-engineered ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE : Heiko Häseler's upside-down shot of Sam Pilgrim takes the cake this week. Heiko will be rewarded with a Fox Racing Rampage Helmet! The Rampage Helmet looks great, vents well, and is ready to protect your head when sending it huge. ... more »
First Look: KHS Goes 650b for Downhill - Introducing the SixFifty 656DH
KHS did it. They went to 650b on their downhill bike. As far as we know, they're the first company to give it a go. The larger wheel size has a few advantages, like the ability to roll over rocks faster, but suitable downhill wheel and tire options are
... more »
First Look: 2013 Giant Glory 0 - Danny Hart Inspired
The 2013 Giant Glory 0 is dropping this August. Here's the scoop.
Over the past few years, Danny Hart and his mechanics have helped Giant evolve the Glory into something more suited for Danny’s attacking style - and for 2013 you too can own ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Sebastian Wilhelmi's snap of Chris Canfield takes the cake this week. For his photo efforts, Sebastian scores a Fox Racing Rampage Helmet! The Rampage Helmet looks great, vents well, and is ready to protect your head when sending it ... more »
Sony Shows Off New POV/Helmet Camera
Looks like Sony is joining the action sports camera game. Details are sparse at the moment, but they did release a few teaser images and some high level specs on their blog.
"Sony’s developing a new type of hi-def wearable video camera for ... more »
Orange Makes the 322 Official with 2013 Release
via Orange Bikes - With 2013 builds hitting the workstands, here's the first in a long line of fine-looking bikes queuing up behind the 322, ready to be released on an unsuspecting mountain near you. The constant honing of the 22X series led ... more »

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