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First Look: GoPro HD Hero 3 - Half the Size, More Than Twice the Power
It's a great time to be in the market for a new camera. First Contour drops the ROAM2, then GoPro unveils an all-new HD Hero 3 lineup
. From what we can tell, the top of the line HD Hero 3 camera is leaps and bounds better than the HD Hero 2. All three new models are ... more »
First Look: Contour ROAM2 - Same Price, More Fun
You asked for it, they did it. Contour's new ROAM2 packs more bunch for the same buck. Major upgrades from the original ROAM include the ability to record at 60 frames per second in 720p, four snazzy anodized color options, and tuned video quality.
Just ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Life's a beach. Nikos Rigas' K.os Poulopoulos photo came out on top and he's the lucky winner of the TRS+ Dualguide with direct mount bashguard from e*thirteen components! The TRS+ Dualguide allows you to easily run dual rings while keeping your chain quietly in place. ... more »
Vital MTB's Top Reviewer Award - Presented by Jenson USA
Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! V ital MTB member astrizzle put in three dozen solid reviews during the past 30 days, and we'd like to highlight some of the reviews ... more »
Race Report: Kona Montenbaik Enduro Championship
By Eduardo de Solminihac The first race of the Kona Montenbaik Enduro Championship took place in early October with 200 enthusiastic riders. This was the 4th year of the championship and is still the only series of its kind in Latin America. The format
Photographs by Juan Luis de Heeckeren
... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Adam "Gas to Flat" Brayton and Gee Milner walked away with this one. Gee's photo earned hime a T2 Carbon Helmet from t.h.e. Industries! The T2 Carbon is t.h.e.'s top-of-the-line carbon-fiber helmet. It weighs in at just over 1000 grams, uses a semi-integrated ... more »
2012 Red Bull Rampage Qualification Results
Qualification day was incredible. Riders are going bigger than ever and we're eager to bring you guys our slideshow from qualifiers. For now, here are the top 3 qualification runs as well as the complete qualification results. The top 12 qualifiers will
Cam McCaul blasted his way to the first place qualifier spot. His run was smooth and calculated. - Photo by Dave Trumpore
... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE:  We've got a winner. The shot of Bartosz Papież Obukowicz by Piotr Kaczmarczyk won by a large margin. It's clear that people dug the unique perspective of this well-timed photos. Piotr wins the contest and a T2 Carbon Helmet from t.h.e. Industries ... more »
Sneak Peek: First Glimpse of DVO's Suspension Fork
What have we here?! This photo, originally posted to DVO Suspension's Facebook page, tells us a few things about what the new company is cooking up for their big 2013 release. Who is DVO? Catch up to speed with this release, then come back.
The image shows a dropout made using the 3D printer ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Cade VanHeel's incredible nighttime photo of Luca Cometti wins this week's photo duel. Cade's photo prowess earned him a huge prize pack from the rad guys at Royal Racing! Here's a quick look at the quality Royal Racing products that ... more »

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