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Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Epic lighting and epic roost combine as Chris Kawula and Adam Klimek take this week's winning photo. The boys will score a Vital MTB care package consisting of a hoodie, t-shirt, stickers, and whatever else we can find to throw ... more »
Taxco Downhill 2012
Continuing the proud tradition of South American urban downhill races, the Taxco Downhill has all the ingredients you need to put on a good show: lots of vert, narrow streets, dogs, pedestrians, a frenzied crowd, and a good collection of jumps and drops
Will White – Photo Diego Brito
... more »
Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons, Geoff Gulevich and Rocky Mountain Bikes in Argentina
Rocky Mountain put together this rad five part series from an epic trip to Argentina with Wade SImmons, Geoff Gulevich, Thomas Vanderham, Dre Hestler and more. Sitting on the edge of the Andes, Bariloche is famous for its Catedral ski resort, the biggest in
... more »
Welcome to Sweden - Diary of a Roadtrip
Valkommen Till Sverige (Welcome to Sweden) is road trip mini-series in 6 episodes made by 3 French riders, Robin Camacho, Bastian Huber, and Remy Metailler, dedicated to discovering the riding spots of Sweden. Episode 6 The trip ends with a ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: The David Howell/Dacre Dunn dream team must have harnessed the power of their spirit wolf t-shirts, because their photo won this week's contest by a good margin. Both of the guys will get a Vital MTB care package consisting of ... more »
Clash of the Titans - Megavalanche 2012
Glacier mass-start - unleashing the madness!
Clash of the Titans Last July Italian video maker Gianluca Ricceri followed Jérome Clementz (2010 Megavalanche winner) and Rémy Absalon (2011 Megavalanche winner) during the whole week that eventually led to THE race of the year, the Megavalanche ... more »
Poll: What Chain Lube Do You Use?
Alrighty dudes and dudettes, we've got a question for ya. What brand of chain lube do you use? You know, that stuff you should probably be using more often? Feel free to let the world know why it's your favorite in the comments. {poll:67}
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp
UPDATE: Wouldn't you like to live on planet dirt jump? Gergely Lászka's intriguing 360-degree panorama wins this week. He'll be awarded with a TRS+ Dualguide with direct mount bashguard from e*thirteen components! The TRS+ Dualguide allows you to easily run dual rings while keeping ... more »
Team Rose Vaujany - Vink and Curd in the French Alps
Hauling the mail through the rockgarden.
Vaujany - Classic French Alps The French village of Vaujany in the Alps may still be fairly unknown to the masses, but that just might change very soon. Sitting on the edge of the breathtaking "Massif des Grandes Rousses", also home to the ... more »
First Look: GoPro HD Hero 3 - Half the Size, More Than Twice the Power
It's a great time to be in the market for a new camera. First Contour drops the ROAM2, then GoPro unveils an all-new HD Hero 3 lineup
. From what we can tell, the top of the line HD Hero 3 camera is leaps and bounds better than the HD Hero 2. All three new models are ... more »

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