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First Look: Hope Technology Crank
It's been a long time in the making, but now it's finally here: Hope has released their much-anticipated crank. In typical Hope fashion, the product was conceived to solve a specific set of problems and to address what Hope felt is a shortcoming ... more »
Modern Mountain Bike Geometry Defined - Transition Explains Effective Top Tube Versus Reach
The Technical Wizards at Transition Bikes are on a mission to educate riders about proper mountain bike fit and function. This multi-part "Get Dialed" series will help you decipher those pesky millimeters and angles and how they translate to your experience
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How To: Connect Your Dropper Post to a Shimano or SRAM Front Shifter
A large percentage of riders with dropper posts are also running 1x10 or 1x11 drivetrains. That means that there are thousands of front shifters lying around doing nothing, and there is an empty spot on the handlebar next to the left brake ... more »
First Look: 2015 Niner RIP 9 Carbon, Jet 9 Carbon, and EMD 9
Niner Bikes have evidently been keeping busy this winter, and they are starting the year off right by launching 3 new bikes; one all-new frame and 2 new variations of existing bikes: RIP 9 Carbon : Brand new to the Niner line up, the RIP 9 Carbon ... more »
Origins of the MTB Whip Contest
Photo of Finn Iles by Sven Martin
By Sean Griz McClendon Eric Carter introduced “mountaincross” to the world at the Glen Helen Outdoor MX National in 1999. The event was on OLN (the now-defunct Outdoor Life Network) and covered in Mountain Bike Action. EC’s event sold me on the fact that ... more »
First Look: SRAM XX1 Black, Direct Mount Cover and Crank Boots
Press Release The 1x drivetrain that launched an XC World Championship, SRAM XX1 was built to be simpler, lighter and more durable than any other. Calibrated to work together, SRAM XX1 components deliver remarkable chain control and rapid, high-precision
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Meet The Testers - 2015 Vital MTB Test Sessions
A bike review is only as good as the humans providing the feedback. Since humans are about as different as the 19 bikes at the 2015 Vital MTB Test Sessions, our test riders needed to reflect a wide variety of style, sizes and tastes with an ability to turn experiences
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How (Not) To Instafail - Vital Gram Central
#mtbbatman has been watching kids. Not in a weird, through-your-window, self-righteous way, but more like a caring, older-brother-making-sure-you-continue-along-a-path-of-endless-selfies kind of way. One thing #mtbbatman has noticed over the ... more »
2015 Vital MTB Trail Bike Test Sessions Introduction
Nearly 20 new bikes tested in the mountains surrounding San Luis Obispo, California
"You're going to California for a few weeks to test bikes?! Rough job!" We hear that all the time. Yes, testing bikes is a lot of fun, but it's also hard work. ... more »
Best Of Vital 2014 | Five Wicked Web Videos
There were a good few web videos produced this year that really turned heads. Not just great riding (there was a lot of that) or great cinematography (there was some of that too), but edits that delivered an experience that made you want to ... more »

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