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First Look: 2016 FOX Factory 34 Float 27.5+
Yes, you read that right. It's called 27.5 PLUS, (27.5+) and it's being promoted as "blurring the line between fat bikes and trail bikes". It's a "standard" that started with running bigger tires on 27.5 wheels, and realizing that in doing so the size
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Crowdfunder or Crowdblunder? 11 Bike-related Projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
For every great invention, there are least 178 crazy people trying to turn their wild ideas into undeserving success stories. Well, as the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, you can always ask for money on crowdfunding sites like ... more »
Earn $100 at Jenson USA for Your Vital MTB Member Reviews
Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member xyian wrote a few in-depth reviews that we'd like to highlight. They helped earned him the Top Reviewer spot. ... more »
First Look: Fox Spring 2015 DH Collection
For over two decades Fox Bike has been defined by Downhill. The riding, the style, the unmistakable attitude – it’s who we are and what we stand for and it’s what sets us apart from the competition. For 2015 we continue to push the boundaries ... more »
First Look: 2015 ENVE Mountain Stem
Taking years to perfect something as seemingly simple as a stem may seem over the top, but should come as no surprise when we're talking about ENVE. And with the officially stated goal being to create a sub-100 gram stem suitable for enduro ... more »
First Look: 2015 Troy Lee Designs Apparel
Hot on the heels of the 2015 Troy Lee Designs helmet launch, it's time for apparel. Available at "finer dealers worldwide" as of today, February 23, here is the latest line-up of riding gear from the California designers. From XC to full-on DH, the range has been entirely ... more »
Swedish Gold - Öhlins and the Mountain Bike
Like so many other successful companies, Öhlins started as a one-man show. Kenth Öhlin was a motocross rider who didn’t quite make it to the big time, but who found his true calling in helping other riders go faster. After initially tinkering ... more »
Pumptrack Building in New Caledonia | Commencal Insiders with PEF
Many believe that all New Caledonia is about is great beaches and turquoise water. In this COMMENCAL Insiders episode, Pierre-Edouard Ferry shows us that it is also possible to have good times on a bike too whether it's downhill, enduro and ... more »
Haunted Trails on Hardtails | Santa Cruz Bicycles join Ride HouseMartin on a Wild West Coast New Zealand Adventure
What do you do when you have 3 new hardtails to introduce, and want to provide both an experience and a true test of the new machines? Well, if you're Santa Cruz, you might gather up a few journalists and head to New Zealand, for something a little bit
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So long Post Office trails. You will be missed. #rippostoffice

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