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First Look: 2015 FOX Suspension Lineup and First Impressions
It's no big secret that Fox struggled a bit with their 2013 CTD series, and it's also no secret that since then, the company has been working hard to remedy the issues. 2014 was a step in the right direction, but it was not the quantum leap ... more »
First Look: 2014 ENVE M-Series Carbon Wheels
ENVE Composites have been producing high quality carbon cycling parts since 2007. Just a few years ago the Santa Cruz Syndicate, including Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, and Josh Bryceland, began using ENVE's carbon hoops exclusively on their World Cup Downhill
... more »
It's in the Bag - A Look at the Photography Gear Sven Martin Uses at the UCI World Cup and Enduro World Series
Sven Martin is a Jedi. He works his ass off harder than any other MTB photographer on the planet to get the most dynamic visuals of our sport, but he also mind-tricks us viewers harder than Obi Wan does that Storm Trooper looking for droids. ... more »
Bigger Berms! 2014 Sea Otter Dual Slalom Course Photos
Keith DeFiebre and his team have been hard at work prepping the 2014 Sea Otter Dual Slalom course. Check out an assortment of his build pics, notes, and the final product below. Looking good! We're always impressed by the work these guys do in a short
Working so hard to get the Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom complete. The aerial footage gives a very cool perspective of the course and layout...
... more »
Sneak Peek: 150mm Juliana Roubion - "Brawn of the Bronson, in the Spirit of Juliana"
The new Juliana Roubion is designed to handle anything an all mountain adventure may throw at you. Designed by the carbon fiber experts at Santa Cruz, the Roubion also sports 150mm travel, with all the pedaling benefits of the Virtual Pivot ... more »
Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp - Presented by Art's Cyclery
UPDATE: Antonio Abreu's last shot of the day turned out to be a worthwhile investment, he takes home the win in this week's comp. This will please Vital member Pyle to no end, he is this week's lucky voter! Art's Cyclery will hook up both ... more »
Confirmed: 2015 FOX 36 RC2 Fork - More Better Than Ever
UPDATE: Check here for additional information about FOX's 2015 lineup. Aggressive riders rejoice! The FOX Float 36 RC2 looks to be making a strong comeback for 2015. Last week we spotted the new fork being ridden in the new 27.5 Santa Cruz Nomad launch video and could only speculate, but these recently released FOX service videos confirm that a new 36 is indeed on the
... more »
Vital's Bravest - Monthly Contest Presented by Five Ten - March Winner
February 2014 When you're 14, all you want to do is hang out on Facebook and watch TV, right? Wrong! A mound of dirt, a ramp, or the neighborhood skatepark may seem like child's play to some, but any biker will tell you: these are the tools ... more »
First Look: Specialized's Fast Rolling Slaughter Tire
If you're as big of a fan of Specialized tires as we are, you'll be happy to see this new addition to their lineup. Created in the name of speed, the Slaughter offers riders a super fast rolling, low profile tire that still has tall side knobs for reliable
... more »
Best of Vital - March 2014
March is a time of looking ahead. The world goes quiet in anticipation of the celebration of life that is spring, and it is almost as if you can sense nature holding its breath just a little bit. And in the world of mountain biking, we're all ... more »

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