12 Things to Forget About 2012 in Mountain Biking 15

It's the last day of 2012. Here are some MTB fads, ideas and styles you can forget about as we roll into the new year.

1. The Wheel Size War

12 Things to Forget About 2012 in Mountain Biking

26-inch, 650b (or 27.5) and 29er...they're here, they're all revered, deal with it.

2. Wait, the Wheel War Isn't Quite Over. Forget about 36-inch wheels

Unless you're an aging trials rider who needs an alternative to hopping up stairs, forget about the 36er.

3. Chainslap

12 Things to Forget About 2012 in Mountain Biking

Regardless of your chosen wheelsize, with the SRAM TYPE 2 and Shimano rear derailleur technologies, all you'll hear on the trails in 2013 is your knobs gripping the dirt. HELL YEAH!

4. Dirt Pumptracks

Ok, ok, we'd never say to forget dirt, but come on, these asphalt pumptracks that Claudio Caluori has helped build are freaking sick!

5. Strava

In 2013, your rides will be about fun, not killing hikers and not cheating your way into a KOM by throwing your phone off a cliff to the finish line.

6. XC Eliminator

Brian Lopes won a World Cup in 2012. He won an XC Eliminator and it was on this bike. Lopes, we're stoked for your victory and all, but don't you think we'd all be better off seeing you rail your full-suspension bike on ragged, rocky trails 24/7/365 in 2013?

7. Rocky Roads

HAHA, oops.

8. Tires with Adjustable Inflation/Deflation

Had the Mayans been right, maybe this would have been a good idea.

9. This Thing

Just forget about it...

10. Flash Based Vital MTB Slideshows

HAHA, we're just kidding. Kind of. (FYI, the $199 Nook will play the slideshows just fine, but you may not look as hip and important while you surf the web at your local coffee house.)

11. Awolnation "Sail" in MTB Video Edits

Why you ask? Because this kid shut it down with this epic edit! Sorry Red Bull, GoPro and TSage, you'll have to let this one go.

12. Body Armor

James Doerfling shuts down 2012 in style! Wife beaters and muscle shirts are the body armor of 2013, so start bulking up! Here's to a great new year in MTB.
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