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xyian's Product Reviews

Added a product review for Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard 9/13/2014 7:31 PM

Bombproof protection that won't let you down


The Good: Tough, rugged, stout, kevlar stays in tact, pads stay in place, cheap

The Bad: Bulky which leads to sweaty knees in warmer climates, slide on only so you have to wear them all the ride.


I finally got tired in my old age of wrecking(especially in wet winters) and bruising or scraping my knees. No, I'm not down on my knees as much as you may be thinking. But on a slick log over in December you can end up bouncing all your body parts and bruising more often than not. Also, with the advent of enduro riding(sarcasm) you just HAVE to have pads now, right? Not one to be left out on the trend I got my 800mm bars and knee pads.

All kidding aside these things have fit well from day one. I don't have robust legs and wear a size medium in these pads. They have always been good about staying in place and don't feel obtrusive while pedaling up hill. As a matter of fact they feel comfortable in all situations. The only time you're REALLY gonna notice these is on a warm day and having to pedal hard. These aren't very breathable because they have protection everywhere but right behind your knee. So you are going to sweat in these bad boys. But the protection is worth it. It's a hard plastic knee pad surrounded by a kevlar cover and believe you me that kevlar works! I have had some high speed wrecks where if I wasn't wearing knee pads my knees would be torn up. The side pads do their job as a firm foam.

These come in at a great price point and hold up over time. After a year and a half and at least three major wrecks(with a broken clavicle in there) they show one nick on the left pad. I know I've ground to a halt on the pads twice and you wouldn't even know it. I keep washing them and they look just as good as day one. I highly suggest these to anyone. If they could make them so that you don't have to slide them on and they would stay in place I'd easily give these a 5. Otherwise they get a 4.5. Superb product.

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Added a product review for ODI Lock-On Grip - Rogue 9/13/2014 7:23 PM

This would likely be the grip for those who want a fat grip


The Good: Locks on with no problem

The Bad: The thick grip isn't made for my hands, heavy, spendy


My bike came with these initially and I thought I liked them. Well, at least I liked them for the climbing portion of the trail. They offered a lot of cush for pulling on the handlebars. When it came time to go downhill though my hands cursed the very existence of all that padding. I wasn't into the cush and my hands started to hurt after extended downhills. The issue became exacerbated with repeated days in the saddle. I believe I found these to just be too thick for my paws and had to resign them to the parts bin. I ended up going for some ODI Vans grips and have found those to be my thickness.

If you need big grips these might be your ticket. I prefer thin grips and the feel they offer. It's kind of like saddles...to each their own.

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Added a product review for Kore OCD Handlebar 8/4/2014 7:09 PM

Like the McGuyver of wide bars


The Good: 800mm means there's space to cut Lightweight Stiff enough Durable

The Bad: Aluminum has a fatigue life


I bought these trying to go wider on my 160mm bike. Well....800mm is about as wide as you're gonna get for the most part. Jeebus! I tried it a ride at 800mm and knew immediately that it wasn't going to work that way. I tried on a few different settings and eventually settled on 760mm. That's a lot of cutting, right? Luckily there's gradations every 10mm so you can get things cut right. Bar actually cuts relatively easily. It's not a soft bar either. I've wrecked a few times with it and it isn't worse for wear. Eventually those wrecks WILL add up because it's aluminum and will fatigue eventually.

The bar is very lightweight for it's size. Actually pretty competitive with carbon. It was really cheap, hasn't creaked or complained and definitely been put through the paces.There's plenty of space and a good sweep and rise to it. There's really not much to fault with this bar. I'd suggest the bar to anyone looking for something wide that they might want to cut down.

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