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Santa Cruz has quite a history of champions...

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Cool to see her move on. I honestly hope she does well this coming year. She seems to work so hard for it. She deserves some good results.

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Then they've already improved their results!

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Good god I hope not! I still want to see pictures of her on the webs.

Rotwild is where people go to cash out.

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Would seem to me the only one of the three with any bargaining power is Rachel. She's the only getting results as of late.

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I agree with Fireant. Yes, part of this blame lies with Red Bull. They're going to be the largest martyr. They're the main sponsor who likely kept this event alive. Another part of the blame has to go to the riders' sponsors. I'm certain they're pushing for their riders to enter the event for the exposure they gain. A huge part of the blame has to go with the riders. Yes, there's most certainly the glory for competing and possibly winning Rampage. But they have the choice to take it easy or go balls to the wall and really put their lives at risk.

Red Bull is simply offering the money up front for the infrastructure, operations and ability to hold the event. It's like breaking your ankle leaving a hockey game and threatening to sue the arena's sponsor just like if you hurt yourself riding at Rampage. Do we sue Red Bull if we hit up the Rampage site in March? No. Their liability lies in making sure the event runs. There most certainly has to be some sort of holding company that is organizing the riders, judges and others, right? Or is Red Bull handling all the logistics as well? If so, then they should be offering up some sort of insurance rights for the riders(AND the diggers!!! Have you seen some of the cliff methods of these kooks??).

I feel a large unspoken part of the thirst for blood comes from the sponsors. I'm certain YT, GT, Fox, SRAM, etc... are more than happy to help fund their riders to go to Rampage but these companies likely do not offer any sort of insurance for their riders. Why? Because riders are replaceable. Sad but true. There's always a hungry kid willing to jump off a building. I've seen it in skateboarding yet it's matured enough over the years for them to invest in their riders and offer insurance for their daring actions. It's time the sponsors grew up and offered the same even if it means a little less from their bottom line. People aren't numbers. People are what allow their products to be promoted. And what better to promote the extreme nature of your products than some meat hucking off of cliffs and your product surviving. Isn't that worth a little coin to ensure that meat can continue hucking or are people that expendable?

A large part of this has to fall on the shoulders of the riders. At what cost should it be to attain glory? Are they that thirsty for money and fame that they are willing to take those risks? I understand...if they don't do it someone else will. I also understand wanting to progress and challenge yourself. But when is it too much. Like Lacondeguy said "It’s kind of like smoking cigarettes,' he said. 'It’s bad, everyone knows it’s bad, but it’s still kind of fun.". This is a dangerous school of thought, honestly. I'm glad there's guys out there taking the risk but at some point someone is going to die. Look at Rogatkin. In most major sports, if you're concussed you have to go and sit in silence for a bit(but staying awake) to give your brain a break, not ride down a cliff and do backflips. There need to be some regulations and protocol put into place for riders, diggers and organizers. If they don't set up protocol out there in the wild west someone is most certainly going to die...soon. You can't keep progressing beyond 72 foot jumps without that eventuality occurring.

So, think about it. There's a lot of people to blame. But, ultimately, I feel the riders and organizers need to sit down and stop solely blaming Red Bull and own up to it together. They need to put some restrictions, protocol and agreements in place to ensure rider safety, digger safety, crowd safety and organization's safety. Otherwise, this event won't last much longer. It's not something they should let wash away after the public is done ranting this week or next. It's something that should be considered for the investment of the event. As much as I used to like watching Rampage this year was the first year I wondered if someone really would die at the event. I just didn't enjoy it as much and likely won't be as interested next year. It has little to do with what occurred but more to do with the judging, infighting and overt danger which the riders are inflicting upon themselves. I wondered to myself at what point do I determine that in my riding. For me, it's barely a 6' drop. That's about 66' shy of what these guys are doing but I also don't want to die. Yet, you could die stepping off a curb. But I have protocol wired in my brain to (hopefully) ensure that doesn't happen.

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Seeing something like this happen to a rider is a tragedy.. no one ever wants to see their hero's or friends hurt especially doing something that they love.

I don't think putting all the blame on red bull is right though, but having a media black out...more

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Well said Sirurd. He's a friend who's been around since the beginning, seen all of the errors and learned the way. I have high hopes. "My favorite kind of shit." Do Pat proud. (Pat's their father, and apparently one of the best teachers by the way.)

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What a great attitude he has regarding building and such , also that drop he made and rode in 2013 was the feature of the event for me , on par with the oakley step down thing in size but 100 his , wish him all the best!

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I second this or Minion DHF EXO TR 3C.....there's gotta be a few more acronyms....

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Togs: taint ticklers?
What bar diameter are those?

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I heard their bikes were stolen in Italy and they had their leg broken in a dark alley in Spain. You don't mess with THE INDUSTRY ... Speculation is fun. And it's just that. I only wish companies would keep that in mind. With the WC season being so short ... more »

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It's only been 12+hrs since the race...are they supposed to wait until Monday morning? :/

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If you don't want results, stay off the internetz.

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Damn Vital...get a Roku. You can watch it on the Red Bull TV app! Then you won't miss the women's race!

Glad to see Loic win something big. Hopefully now he has the understanding to start winning some WC's. #gogololo

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Josh Bryceland 4:46.153
Rachel Atherton 5:32.522

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