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Added a comment about product review Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/30/2015 10:51 AM

Your instagram is pretty funny..just like I suspected you ride with a co2 bottle on your seatpost with a tube in a saddle bag strapped to your downtube but you are worried about adding weight to the center of your wheel...you also run a crank bro's seatpost and flat pedals for "enduroing" which pretty much makes your arguments null and void

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Added a comment about product review Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/30/2015 10:47 AM

Cool story bro..we prob raced each other in the Norba days unless you are talking about sport class championships..pretty sure I was points leader 2 years in a row until the east coast rounds which I didn't do...not that it has anything to do with what we are talking about..I've been riding mtb for 15years at a pretty high level so I definitely knows what works and what doesn't work.I'm sure you've ridden one in order to form your expert opinion, correct?...like I said I went from a 400g carbon rim on a dt240 to a flow ex with the stealth (adding approx. .75lb to my rear wheel) and have dropped time on my loop I ride twice a week..btw I don't think I'd brag about developing parts for marzocchi...see you at Fontana next weekend..

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Does that ego come with its own pedestal?

Added a comment about product review Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/29/2015 7:21 AM

"Silly weight-weenie, counting grams is for squids.."

You seriously think adding a half pound, to the center of your wheel of all places makes a huge difference? I went from a DT240 on a 400g carbon rim to the stealth on a flow ex and the difference was negligible..Like I said in the review I've gone faster on the climbs with the decreased drag and more engagement...People worry so much about a few grams here or there yet they wear a fully loaded camel bak with enough tools and water for a week long excursion on their local hour long loop...To put it in perspective 200g on your wheel is like switching from an ardent 2.25 to a Hr2 2.4 with an extra half scoop of sealant..not a huge difference and that is on the outside of your wheel...200g is like riding with a half full water bottle instead of a full one or riding with or without your iphone in your pocket...do you really think that is going to slow you down? But then again I get a special kind of enjoyment about dropping guys, especially on the up's riding carbon 20something pound trail bikes on my 31lb 65deg HA shred sled..

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Liked a comment on the item Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/28/2015 1:55 PM

Nice write up, I love the idea of a silent hub.


Liked a comment on the item Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/28/2015 1:55 PM

Nice write up, I love the idea of a silent hub.


Liked a comment on the item Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/28/2015 1:55 PM

Nice write up, I love the idea of a silent hub.


Liked a comment on the item Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/28/2015 7:54 AM

I first heard of these back when I rode trials with OTM and later 180 Magazine 'round the turn of the century. They are the perfect trials hub, but back then they were having problems with reliability of materials. (Perhaps why the went to the heavier stainless steel.) And they...more

Added a comment about product review Do you even have instant engagement bro? 1/28/2015 7:32 AM

From their site:

"The engagement mechanism in our hub is a roller clutch. The roller clutch is common in many industrial applications. We have adapted it for use in a bicycle hub. The clutch looks like a needle roller bearing at first glance, but inside the outer race behind the rollers is a series of ramps and springs. When the clutch engages the rollers ride up these small ramps and lock onto the drive body (our name for the part that the cassette/cog is attached to). This allows the transmission of power from the pedals to the wheel. When coasting, the tiny springs behind each roller push the rollers down the ramps and allow the drive body to rotate inside the clutch. Since the clutch is composed of only rollers and not any pawls or face ratchets with teeth, it is totally silent when coasting."

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Added a product review for Stealth Hubs MTB Rear Hub 1/27/2015 12:44 PM

Do you even have instant engagement bro?


The Good: Instant engagement, rolls extremely fast, silent coasting, stainless freehub body, made in the USA

The Bad: Heavy on paper but light on the trail.


Being that True Precision is located in my home town I have heard allot of good things about them over the years but always figured hubs didn't make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things when deciding to upgrade parts on my bike. Recently I decided to give them a try and I sure wish I had switched sooner.

First and foremost the guy's at True Precision are super helpful and easy to deal with. The hubs look awesome and you can tell they take attention to detail very seriously. The stainless free hub body is a nice touch; while being lighter, aluminum ones are far to prone to damage from cassettes, I've had to replace several on my old hubs. Also the Stealth's are easily serviceable and the axles are interchangeable as well.

Initially I was hesitant to add weight to my rear wheel but decided the instant engagement would be worth it. After getting them laced up and installed on my bike I knew with the first pedal stroke that I had made the right decision. When they say "instant" engagement they mean it. There is literally zero play, as soon as the crank moves the wheel moves.

Before riding them I thought it would only be noticeable when starting from a stop but the lack of play makes every pedal stroke feel solid and more efficient. Technical climbing is aided greatly by the fact that it is much easier to take a half stroke if needed when climbing rocky sections. Overall they just feel so solid, you know every ounce of power is going to the rear wheel. Whatever weight you are adding to the bike is not noticeable as the engagement makes up for it ten fold.

Aside from the instant power transfer as soon as you point these downhill the increased rolling speed is felt immediately. I had just came off DT Swiss 240's and the Stealth's makes those feel like ball and cone hubs on a Walmart bike that's been sitting in the rain for years. The hub rolls so freely that I was actually picking up speed coasting in sections where I normally have trouble not slowing down. The lack of drag is incredible, they made my old Dt's feel like the rotor was dragging. I time all my rides and every run since putting these on my bike I have smashed my fastest times both going up and down on trails I ride several times a week.

Last but not least is the silent coasting. You don't realize how loud your hub is until the noise is gone. It's an awesome feeling to be ripping trail and the only thing you hear is your tires hammering rocks and slashing turns. The lack of noise adds to the feel of nothing slowing you down, they are fast and make you feel fast too.

As I said before I've timed every ride for the last two years and every ride since putting these on my bike I've gone faster than I ever have. I am super picky about my bike and the added weight was not noticeable in the least and the increase in power transfer is unbelievable. You really have to ride these to believe how good they are, I know I didn't.

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Added a comment about photo G-Out Project: Fontana 2015 - Kona Process 1/26/2015 1:16 PM

Track was gnarlier than I thought it was going to be...never raced there because everyone always said it was flat and smooth...definitely wasn't the case

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Added a comment about photo G-Out Project: Fontana 2015 - KHS DH650 1/26/2015 10:13 AM

Dont know how people raced in that wind..we took off..got blown off the rocks at the top..too sketchy

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Added a comment about product review 2015 Test Sessions: Trek Slash 9.8 Carbon 27.5 1/15/2015 12:00 AM

Is your issue with the DPA Pike the lack of ability to use volume reducers? I love mine and felt very little difference to the Solo Air's I've ridden although I'm not sure how many bottomless tokens they were running. I do run my fork on the stiffer side so bottoming isn't really a problem..I rarely use the last 15mm of travel and I'm riding some chunky terrain.

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I appreciate Vital not posting video (or names) of the "good" trails in SLO.
As you now know there are some sick ones that need to stay on a need to know basis.

And this trail is not in San Luis Obispo, but half hour away in Montana de Oro State Park. And...more

Added reply in a thread Do you use climbing-specific suspension features like lock-out? 1/12/2015 3:20 PM

Use the climb switch on my CCDBA and lower the pike and use the middle setting on the rtc3.. Id rather have a bike that needs the climb switch on the way up to be able to have it fully open on the descents...I feel like the bikes Ive ridden that climb ... more ยป

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Badass shot

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A gear you don't have in your kx450...prob on a 3speed tranny

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Added a comment about video Curtis Keene's Winter Solstice Ride in Santa Monica is like a Roller Coaster Ride 1/9/2015 5:34 AM

Was in the area yesterday and gave it a go...pretty damn fun I must say..did 2 laps would have been nice to have done a few more...bet it was prime when it was wet

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