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Added a product review for Shimano Deore M590 Crankset With BB 2/5/2014 11:58 AM

Long-term Deore crankset review


The Good: great value! Cranks are light and durable for the price.

The Bad: The BB will only last a month or 2 if you ride in wet conditions. The crank graphics wear off quickly


'Brilliant Cranks for an incredible price! but let down by flimsy BB'

This crankset proves that, in a time when bikes from all disciplines and price brackets are coming with all sorts of crazy gearing setups, you can still get a reliable triple crankset for £60!

I've run these cranks for an entire season of XC and enduro racing in the UK as well as some light dirt-jumping,and street riding. They're not currently the most fashionable/popular configuration in the world of 'enduro' but have dealt with rock strikes racing on the Olympic XC course and numerous crashes on my local trails and jumps admirably and are still on my ride 2 years after I bought them.

The cranks themselves are classic shimano components: light, durable and functional. They're nothing incredible to look at but have a classy grey finish not seen on any other cranksets at this price -They can always be blinged up with some ano crank bolts! They are strong and have shrugged off abuse, never causing any problems on the trail. The cranks are also idela for switching to  1x or 2x setup due to their bargain price.The triple chainrings provided shift smoothly though and are showing minimal signs of wear and damage after a whole season. The only drawback about the cranks and rings worth mentioning is that the anodidsing around teh shimano graphics is quite thin and will wear off quickly leaving the raw alloy crank beneath exposed however this is purely aesthetic.

The low-end Hollowtech 2 BB provided however might as well be a disposable unit as is made mostly of plastic and only lasted just under 2 months! It may last longer if you ride in dryer conditions but it's flimsy plastic construction and lack of removable bearings really let it down in the wet conditions of the UK  though and resulted in it wearing extremely quickly. It did however last long enough for me to pick a steel raceface replacement one which wasn't too expensive and was much more durable.

In conclusion this crankset is a great upgrade for an entry-level bike as it offers big weight and money savings, is durable and has potential to be convertd to a 1x or 2x setup, a BB upgrade would be recommended if you ride in wet conditions though!

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