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That sure gets my "loin" going....

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Thanks for that.....

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Everything that's old is new again...

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Was talking to my mate about this yesterday, my theory is Kona. Apparently, I stress apparently, as I haven't seen it with my eyes, but his grandma commented on his Facebook saying something like it's great that you'll have Australians looking out for ... more »

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Dean Lucas, maybe. He has now signed with Whitely, but few murmurs that he won't be on devinci, got a new pro contract with another team

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I know we're a bloody long way away, but it would be nice to have something in Australia and New Zealand.

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we will see about that

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Cortana, can you go back in time and stop me from doing this video?

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From an unconfirmed source, Brad Benedict is going to Huffy.

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Can't say where he is going, but my money is definitely on Connor not being on Kona anymore. If you go by his Instagram he's still riding a Kona bike, a Process, for now, but he has mentioned at least twice that he doesn't have a DH bike anymore as it ... more »

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And the Truvativ stem.

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Great to see this vid on here.

I raced the first two rounds of this series and they were really great!! I really hope it takes off.

It's nothing like enduro racing like in Europe, and it doesn't need to be, but it sure is a blast!!

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