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Added a product review for Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brakes 6/20/2014 7:09 AM

Powerful DH stoppers


The Good: Tons of stopping power, durable, great modulation, easy to bleed

The Bad: Not as light as some of the new DH specific offering from SRAM


Right out of the box the M820 has a solid look and feel to it, the brake looks very tough and durable and doesn’t have any plastic feeling parts. Both front and rear pre bled hoses come in at very long length, allowing the brakes to fit any bike, I assume even extra-large frames should have no issues with the default hose. Compared to the M810 brakes, these new Saints have definitely shed some of their bulk, both caliper and level are a lot smaller and sleeker, thus helping to reduce some of the weight seen with the old M810s. Installation is a breeze and both removal and installation of the pads is also very user friendly and can be done so very quickly.

The brake includes an easy to use reach adjust nob, that is big enough and easy enough to access even while riding allowing you to customize the level reach while mid ride. The brake also has a free stroke bolt (requires a screwdriver), although I have played around with this I really have not noticed any difference in brake feel.

The Servo Wave level has a very ergonomic feel to it, it’s very compact and has a curve to it that helps reduce the chance of your fingers slipping off the lever. Overall the level feel is very solid and comfortable, and allows for one finger braking.

Riding performance: I’ve had the chance to use these brakes in various conditions and they have performed flawlessly. Regardless if you are riding in super dusty conditions or mud or even snow, these brakes provide tons of stopping power. Some people mention that the Saints lack modulation, that they are simply power ON and power OFF but I haven’t found this to be the case, the M820 offer lots of modulation allowing the rider to brake as much as needed. In terms of long hot  descends, the M820 really shine and provide consistent performance and stopping power regardless how hot they get, I haven’t noticed any  fade. Overall these brakes offer a lot of confidence on the trails and really allow the rider to push themselves as you know that you will have strong braking power when needed. As with the old M810, the M820 can also get a bit loud in wet conditions, but I think most other brakes do the same so not really a negative but they definitely do howl when they get wet.

Bleeding: This is where Shimano and specifically the M810 really excelled, in the past with the M810 there were times where I didn’t even have to remove the wheels or pads before bleeding the brakes. The complete bleed process could be done in less than 10 minutes. The M820 definitely also allow for a pain free, easy and simple bleed process. The bleed process is a bit different as it requires the addition of a funnel that gets attached to the level and then oil is bled into the caliper but overall the process is very easy and very quick.

Would I recommend the brakes: When I was upgrading my old M810 I knew I wanted to stick with Shimano so it was a toss-up between the Saints and the Zees, overall it looks like from a performance perspective they are both very similar, the Saints however comes in a tad lighter, offer on the fly level adjustments and have a bit less bulk to them on the calipers. Regardless of how much you throw at these Saints they offer consistence braking power in various conditions, modulation and  quick and easy bleed process, overall I am very happy with them and would strongly recommend this product.

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Added a product review for Race Face Atlas Cinch Cranks 6/18/2014 8:40 AM

Race Face Atlas FR Cranks


The Good: Strong, stiff, durable

The Bad: Can't find any flaws yet


I've been a fan of Race Face cranks since back in the days of square tapered bottom brackets and the North Shore crank sets, the Atlas is an evolution of the DH /freeride crank that provides a stiff and durable crank while keeping the weight at a minimum. The weight to strength ratio of this crank is very good, that’s probably why this crank can be seen on full out DH bikes to all mountain/trail bikes. It's a solid crank that allows you to setup and then ride without any hassles for the rest of the season.

Besides the great performance and durability, the other great thing about the Atlas range of cranks is that they offer a lot of color ways allowing you to truly get a custom looking setup on your bike. While most cranks come in just one color option, the Atlas line has several base colors plus the addition of some limited editions like the Green Monster and Kash Money (kashima colorway)

So overall this is a great crankset that can be used for various types of riding, it’s very durable and stiff while also being a great value. I would strongly recommend this product.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet 6/17/2014 2:27 PM

The comfort, airflow, looks and protection you get from this helmet is well worth the price.


The Good: Light weight, amazing quality, great graphic options, comfortable

The Bad: A bit on the pricey side, sad when you get it scratched or dinged


Besides great looks, the D3 offers loads of safety protection and really great comfort. The inside padding is very soft and offers comfort through all day riding even in the warmest conditions. TLD has done a great job of air vent placement in all the right spots to offer superb airflow allowing you to stay comfortable as you ride, there was a huge difference between the air flow with the D2 and the D3. The overall weight of the helmet is verynoticeable in a good way, that is to say that's its very minimal which also adds to the comfort of this lid.

Fit wise the helmet comes in several size allowing each rider to find thier perfect fit, the cheek pads are also removable and interchangeable allowing for even more custom fit.In terms of goggle fit, we have tried Dragon goggles and most recently the Oakley Airbrake and they fit perfectly with this helmet.

The other great thing as compared to the older D2 is that most of the inside padding can be removed and washed. Although I haven't had to do this yet it's nice to know that the helmet can be washed and kept clean & fresh when the times comes.

TLD definitely has great options when it comes to looks. The D3 comes in a variety of color ways, allowing riders to choose a helmet to match their style or kit. You can choose from more flashy graphics to more subtle and simple styles like the black pinstripe carbon. Plus this year looks like they have an Aaron Gwin signature, so that's pretty sweet, buy that helmet and you'll be able to rip down a World Cup track on just your back rim!

Another nice thing about the D3 is that in addition to the carry bag,  the D3 also comes with an additional visor which is a nice bonus in the event of crashing.

So overall I am very happy with this full face, yes it's very expensive but you really do get what you pay for. The comfort, airflow, looks and protection you get from this helmet is well worth the price.

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Added a product review for Renthal FatBar Riser Bar 6/17/2014 2:22 PM

Moto inspired handlebars


The Good: durable, stiff, great looks

The Bad: Could not find any yet


Handlebar choice is a bit of personal preference, a lot of the bars in this price range offer similar sweep, length and rise and for the most part they all work great, the Renthal FatBar is no different.

The Fatbar comes in a 31.8mm clamp size and also in 20mm low rise, 30mm mid rise and 38mm high rise versions, I'm running the low rise bar.
The bar features a positioning grid to assist with bar setup as well as width marks to assist with cutting the bars down if required.

The renthal bar features very subtle graphics (with just two logos) logos that seem very durable, some other bars the paint or logo graphics have worn out but with these ones they still look new.
In regard to performance, these bars have been great for the past few months, they are very durable and very stiff. One of those set and forget products. Comfort wise the rise and sweep feels perfect my my riding style.

Overall I am very happy with this moto inspired bar, the looks, comfort and durability are great and I look forward to using this bar for many more years.

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Added a product review for Thomson Elite Seatpost 6/11/2014 3:43 PM

Best in class


The Good: Quality build, strong, durable

The Bad: None that I can think of


There is something special about Thompson products and the Elite seat post is not exception, even though this is just a simple post, it simply oozes quality and craftsmanship. It has no frills or gimmicks; it’s just a simple post that is built tough and will last a long time without issues and do what it is meant to do. Thompson as a company and the Elite post remind me very much of a Chris King headset, yes perhaps it a bit more expensive than some of the other ones on the market, but it will take tons of abuse while not requiring any attention.

I ran this post on my DH bike last season and put it through its paces with crashes and cases along with hard landings on the seat and itdidn'tfalter at all. I moved this post onto my dirt jump bike, and again it’s a set and forget type product, works great without any issues.

Buying a Thompson Elite post really gets you something a bit special, the quality, durability, simplicity and looks make this one of the best posts on the market. Strongly recommend if you are looking for a best in class seat post.

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Added a product review for Schwalbe Table Top Tire 6/10/2014 8:12 PM

Fast rolling tires perfect for jumps and pumptracks


The Good: fast rolling tire, light weight, works in various conditions, good value

The Bad: None so far


I've had the opportunity to run these tires in a couple of various conditions and so far they have done great. These tires have a low rolling resistance and at the same time are fairly light weight making for a very fast rolling tire. I've used them a bit in the skatepark, and they have worked great but also tried in in several conditions on the dirt jumps and pump track.

The tires grip really well on dry hard-pack tracks and also held up well when the pump trackwas a bit greasy after rain, I had no issues leaning the tires into corner and berms, they felt comfortable and kept their line. In the dirt jumps they were flawless, I even cased a jump pretty hard and the tires had no issue, my rim on the other

hand wasn'ttoo happy.

Overall if you are looking for tries for your dirt jump,pump track or urban assault (do people still ride urban?) bike I would strongly recommend these.

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Added a product review for Lezyne Rap-13 Multi Tool 5/2/2014 3:47 PM

Nice tool although sometimes comes up short ;)


The Good: Great quality of tools and features within the mini multitool, solid craftsmanship, durable, very compact.

The Bad: For certain fixes the short tool lengths can be pain


As with most Lezyne products this multitool has really great build quality, is very durable and just overall feels very solid. The Rap 13 unit features most of the popular and important tools that would be required trail side and they come together in a very small and compact little unit. If you are looking for something compact and tough I would strongly recommend this one, there are no flimsy plastic parts on this multitool thus you get a durable tough product.

The one major pain point (although that's what you get with a compact unit) is that in certain fixes the tools on this multitool are too short. If you are just tightening your stem it works great but if you get into the bolts on your calipers or front derailleur/ or anything that is in a tight space the short length of the tools on this this unit can cause some issues as you have to constantly remove the unit when you try to tighten or loosen bolts and re position it to continue turning bolts just because there is not enough space for the Allen keys to move around without hitting something.

So if you are considering this tool you just have to be aware that the compact little package does come with a caveat and its bulk can be a bit of a pain when working in tight quarters (such as rear shock area).

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Added a product review for Fox Racing Flux 5/2/2014 3:25 PM

Good looks, comfort and value


The Good: Good fit, very comfortable, large vents create great breath ability and keep you cool on the hot days

The Bad: Rear straps are in a weird spot, the size adjuster is hard to accurately adjust both sides evenly. Large vents make it tricky to stick a gopro mount on.


Overall I am very happy with this helmet, the comfort and fit is up to par with most other helmets out there such as Giro and Bell. I found the fit of this helmet to be very comfortable, breathable and with no movement once tight on your head. Although I have not had any crashes on this lid yet the overall durability of the helmet seems really good, there is nothing flimsy and everything is made with good quality.

The only somewhat bad thing about this helmet is that the adjustment on the rear inside of the helmet requires the use of two hands and is also very hard to accurately adjust both sides evenly unless the helmet is taken off. This isn't a big issue but could potentially mean that the helmet doesn't sit evenly on your head. Comfort wise it works really well though.

Lastly, again not really really a major issue but due to the big vents and the unique shape of this helmet it makes it tricky to stick on a gopro mount evenly onto the lid. I managed to stick on one although not sitting flush with the helmet and it hasn't come off yet though.

Overall I would recommend this helmet as it is comfy and a good value.

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Added a product review for Five Ten Freerider VXi Shoes 9/19/2013 3:29 PM

Great shoe for on and off the bike


The Good: Great looks, lots of color choices, don't look like ski boots

The Bad: The VXi does not offer the same protection as the Freerider version


I’ve tried several bike specific shoes in the past, most recently Sombrio shoes as well as the Five Ten Freerider and after really liking the old Five Tens I thought I would try out the newer Freerider VXi versions. The first thing I noticed about the Freerider VXi versus the standard Freerider is the lack of bulk, the VXi although still offering quite a bit of protection are nowhere as bulky and stiff/rugged as the older Freeriders. This is great when the shoe is used as a casual sneaker but there have been some occasions that I’ve missed the thick toe covering of the old shoe, this was noticed when sticking the foot out around fast corners or dabbing in the rock gardens. You can definitely notice the lack of material in this shoe versus the Freerider on the whole shoe, even the tongue is less bulky, but most noticeable is the toe piece has quite a bit less martial and protection. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just if you are looking for the same kind of protection as with the Freerider version you may not find it in this shoe. I like to think of the VXi’s as a lighter/softer version of the Freerider.

The quality of the shoe is still great; after a season of riding various conditions the seams and stitching is still together and there have been no issues with any material breakdown. Comfort wise, on the bike, just like with the Freerider these shoes work great, whether you are riding all day at a resort or just trail riding or doing hike-a-bike trips, they perform perfectly. I do find these shoes a bit more comfortable off the bike compared to the Freerider version, I think this is due to being less stiff than those, so if you do tend to use your bike shoes are a casual skate shoes, I would choose these VXi  versions over the Freerider version.

One thing I did notice is that cleaning these shoes after a muddy ride is a tad harder than the Freerider as with these the mud seems to sink in a bit more into some of the materials whereas with the Freerider it just seemed to wash or wipe off easier.

On to the grip, this is the reason we all ride Five Ten shoes, I have read reviews that the Freeriders were at times too grippy. I never found this to be the case but could see how some people find that the shoes stick to the pedal at times and do not allow for much movement when you want to adjust your footing.  With these VXi, they are still super sticky but they do offer a bit more movements on the pedals. They still do perform extremely well and stick to the pedals like no other shoes, regardless if conditions are dusty or muddy.

So overall my experience with the VXi has been very favorable, they are more comfortable than the Freeriders but do provide less protection from the elements. If you are looking for loads of protection stick with the Freerider (or even more so the Impacts) but if you need a less aggressive shoes that still sticks to the pedals and can be worn off the bike these are the way to go.

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Added a product review for DT Swiss FX 1950 Tricon 26" Wheelset 9/5/2013 4:06 PM

Solid wheelset that looks great


The Good: strong,stiff and looks amazing

The Bad: Cost, unique lacing design could lead to issue in the future


This particular wheel set was never on my wishlist simply because of the steep price tag associated with them but luckily I was given a sweet deal so I thought I would give them a try. You could argue that there are a lot of other options and at even cheaper prices for high end wheels but these ones truly are pretty unique.

Right out of the box you can see that the wheels are a strong quality build while at the same time being super light, plus they look simply amazing. The black/green color design along with the white spokes makes for an amazing looking wheel set, they definitely have a one of a kind styling to them.

In terms of ride quality, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly stiff this wheel set is, it’s almost scary how much flex my old wheel set must have had as these feel totally solid, it’s almost a night and day difference in stiffness. I assume this is the result of the unique hub/spoke lacing design. The unique design of this wheel set allows the spokes (which are bladed) to be threaded into both the rim and hub via a torx spoke nipple. The hubs role very smoothly and the rear hub engagement is instant, these hubs provide a quiet buzz to them, so if you are looking for a loud hub like Chris King you’ll have to look elsewhere.

In terms of durability, I’ve only had them for a short while so I can’t speak to long term durability but my initial impressions are good. A couple days at the bike park, riding various terrain including landing flat on jumps, casing a bunch of jumps and choose the not so smooth lines through rock gardens has had no negative effect on these wheels. They just take the abuse and keep rolling smoothly and straight.

So far my review has been positive and I would recommend these wheels to anyone looking for something strong and something a bit different but I do have a couple of concerns. First, the price, they are very expensive, almost heading into carbon wheel territory and I’m not certain if they are that much better than Deemax or any other higher end wheel set. The other concern is regarding the unique spoke lacing design, the concern being if I were to ever break a spoke finding a replacement (especially in a small bike town) would be fairy difficult. I’m hoping it never comes to this though.

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Added a product review for GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition Camera 9/5/2013 3:40 PM

Awesome action camera


The Good: Easy to use, super durable, allows to customize capture settings

The Bad: none so far


I purchased the GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition shortly after my Contour camera stopped working. After a couple of months of use I can say that I prefer the GoPro quite a bit more. The picture quality seems to be significantly better than that of the Contour and the GoPro also boosts a lot of smart options on how to capture your biking shots.

The camera allows the user to configure the video capture resolution along with the frame rates, plus has the ability to take 11 megapixel photos. The photo options also allow for burst mode as well as a time lapse mode allowing you to snap photos every couple of seconds (you can configure the photo interval). Another great feature of the GoPro is that is allows you to capture in “upside down mode”, meaning you can set the camera upside down and it will record correctly, this is great as I’ve been experimenting with different angles and most recently capturing video from underneath my helmet visor. This is a great capture mode as it allows for an almost true from a riders eyes perspective capture.

In terms of durability I have used this camera is super dusty conditions as well as in muddy/wet conditions and these have had no impact on the camera. As long as you use the “wet” case in wet conditions there are no issues, the only thing is that when the wet case is used the sound quality is a bit tarnished, but that’s a small price to pay to keep your camera dry. I’ve also dropped the camera while in its case and also token a couple of crashes while the camera was mounted on my chest and top of helmet and the camera still works perfect. So in terms of durability, this camera gets a 10/10.

Battery life is fairly good, it does last longer than my older Contour did but I do find myself using it carefully when I am out for a full day at the bike park. If you have it on all the time it will only last a couple of hours, but if you use it carefully (turning it off when not needed) it should last for most of the day. I do recommend buying a backup battery incase the first ones dies and there are some epic shots to be had. Charging the battery takes a while too so even better reason to get a backup battery.

Function wise, the great thing about this camera is that once it is powered on and you hit the record button you hear one beep and it start recording instantly, this is great if you need to record right away, there is no delay in capturing anything.

In regards to other aspects of the cameras functions, this camera unit is pretty user friendly, for the most part you just need to use the power button and then the record button. The only issue I’ve found is when the camera is mounted onto your helmet and if you want to change the capture setting or change from video to photo this will require you to remove the camera or have a buddy configure the settings or you. All other setting changes can be done via the power/mode button so it allows for a pretty easy interface.

Gopro App: With the latest update of the app (at least for Apple) you can now preview your recorded clips and you can also transfer your content directly from the camera to your device via wifi. This is great if you want to ensure that you got the right shot.

So overall I would strongly recommend this camera, GoPro definitely seems to be the leader in action camera and I can see why they are in that spot. The functions of this camera allow customizing your capture settings while recording video and photo in crisp resolution.

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Added a product review for Cane Creek Double Barrel Rear Shock 9/3/2013 6:14 PM

Amazing shock that sticks to the trail


The Good: Highly adjustable, smooth, easy to tune/setup with the help of

The Bad: One of the more expensive shocks


I won’t go into too much technical detail but this shock is buttery smooth and allows for limitless adjustability. I initially was a bit scared about the complexity of this shock but the base tune/fit guide on made setting up the shock a breeze. I does take some time and requires a couple of rides to get that perfect tune but once that is found then you are left with a very impressive shock. No matter how much abuse, brake bumps, flat landings you throw at this thing it just eat everything up. My Double Barrel is currently on a 2013 Specialized and it works perfectly together. Before owning this shock I was a very “set and forget” rider but this shock has me doing a bit more tinkering when the terrain changes and I think this is for the better as now I can get the most out of the shock depending on the environment being ridden. In regards to adjustability you have your high speed and low speed compression along with high speed and low speed rebound, which really allows you to get a custom tune for your bike and riding style.

One other great thing I also noticed that with this shock on the bike I find myself more stable on the trails, meaning that I can track significantly better, the shock seems to just stick to the trail. Overall I would very much recommend this product, although it is very expensive it does do its job very well.

Lastly, one additional item I like about this shock is that it comes with a little tool that helps with adjusting all the knobs but also will help when you get dirt and gunk on the shock body, the tool helps to adjust the ring and the spring. This is a huge help as all my other shocks seem to seize up and then require a lot of effort to adjust the spring/ring.

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Added a product review for Specialized Demo 8 Frame 9/3/2013 5:41 PM

Fast and Fun DH Frame that Just Goes


The Good: Stiff, fast frame that just loves to go

The Bad: Press fit bottom bracket


I am really impressed with the quality of this frame, the first thing I noticed when I sat on the Demo was how stiff it was and how well it keeps its momentum, even in the parking lot as soon as you put the cranks down it just speeds up and wants to keep on going. The welds are beautiful and comparable to some of the high-end boutique bikes. Access to the shock is very good, so when on the trail adjustments are required it results in a very fast and easy process. When you need to remove or insert the shock back into the frame it is a very easy procedure as well. I am riding a small and find the frame perfect for me ( I am five foot ten and prefer smaller frames), the low top tube is very noticeable and favorable.

The ride: Overall a couple of words come to mind when speaking about the Demo’s ride quality, speed and momentum. This thing just loves to go fast and within a couple of first rides I was riding my local trail at a faster speed, this was more so evident in the corners, the bike just seems to convey confidence in the corners. It also seems to carry its speed out of turns and bumps, no matter what you throw at it, the bike just accelerates.

I remember reading reviews about the Demo and everyone raved about how well it corners, I can now say this is absolutely true. This thing just loves to corner, it somehow allows you to enter in corners faster as well as accelerate out of them at top speed, the bike just seems to carry its momentum very well. I assume this is due to the angles and the short chain stays, so far I am a big fan of this.

In regards to jumping the bike feels really good in the air, it pops really well and stays stable in the air. Landings are very smooth and confident. The bottom bracket height although noticeable being very low, I haven’t had any issues and haven’t hit the cranks/pedals, but I’ve definitely noticed the benefits of the low BB height.

Pivots are solid and provide a very smooth ride in all conditions. In regards to the price the frame comes in at about $2600 that includes a Cane Creek Double Barrel and headset and seatpost which is a pretty good deal for a frame of this caliber. Another cool thing are the bolts that hold the brake and derailleur cables, this is a very simple solution and keeps the cables tidy.

One thing to note is that this frame is a press fit bottom bracket; this means you will require a bottom bracket adapter in order to get most cranks into the frame.

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Added a product review for ODI Troy Lee Designs Lock On Grip 9/3/2013 3:43 PM

Comfortable and grippy


The Good: Grippy and comfortable

The Bad: Tad expensive


After a season of riding fairly thin grips I decided to switch over to something a bit thicker and try the ODI TLD grips. Although these aren’t too thick they seem to be a happy medium between thin and thick grips.

These are now one of my favorite grips, they feel great and overall they are very comfortable. The little knobs on the grips feel comfy and provide great traction; this is even more evident when riding without gloves. I initially thought that the design on the grips didn’t have any purpose but now I see that the design and the little grooves in the grips are specifically designed to offer great comfort and grip. I’ve used them in dusty condition and also in the wet and in both environments they grip well and I have had no issues.  I would strongly recommend these grips.

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Added a product review for ODI Oury Lock-On Grip/Clamp 2/20/2013 5:08 PM

If you like them thick...


The Good: thick, soft and sticky

The Bad: None so far


The ODI Oury grips are one of the thickest grips on the market, if you are looking for a very soft and sticky grip this is a great choice. I have used these in the past and have been very happy with them. I also find that switching from other thinner grips to seems to help reduce some arm pump simply due to how think and comfy these grips are. Even though they are very soft they hold up a long time and proved to be very durable. I have also used these in the wet and muddy conditions and even with wet hands/gloves the grips still stay grippy and my hands do not slide off. Another plus about these grips is that when used in colder weather these seem to keep my hands warmer as opposed thinner grips that don't reduce the cold from the handlebars as much.

overall I am very happy with this thick grip, if you want a thick and soft grip this is a great choice.

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Added a product review for Sunline Logo Lock On Grips - Thin 2/20/2013 4:57 PM

Super thin grips


The Good: thin, durable, comfortable

The Bad: slippery when wet


I've been running the Sunline logo lock on grips (thin version) for over a year and I've been very happy with them. Keep in mind these are very very thin grips but at the same are comfortable and durable. Iinitially thought that since these were so thin that they would wear out faster than most thicker grips but that hasn't been the issue. The grips are comfy but you can definitely feel the thinness of the grip and you can feel the handlebar through the grips. I do find that these grips may add to arm pump on long descent versus when you are riding with a thicker grip.

I've used these in various conditions and even on super hot days when my hands were sweaty the grips stayed comfy and gripped well. The only gripe I had so far with them was that I did find them a bit slippery when wet (especially without gloves).

So overall if you are looking for a thin grip and don't ride too much in the wet I would strongly recommend these. if you do ride a lot of wet conditions I would recommend a different grip perhaps one that is thicker.

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Added a product review for Profile Racing BMX Crankset 2/20/2013 8:40 AM

Old school bombproof crankset


The Good: durable, bombproof and stiff

The Bad: weight is a big issue


I ran two sets of profile cranks on my downhill bikes and never had any issues with performance or durability. These were one of the first solid cranks that came out during a time when square tapered bottom brackets would round out and crank arms constantly snapped. These were so bombproof that even Bender used them for his hucking back in the day.

The crank arms are super stiff and the bottom bracket bearings are very smooth and stay smooth after years of use. Installation is a breeze, removing the cranks is kind of funny as you have to use a special profile tool and then literally hammer on the crank arms but this process is quite simple.

The only downfall to these bombproof cranks is the weight, the arms and spindle, and BB are extremely heavy especially now a days with all the super light carbon DH cranks. There is a titanium spindle option but even with that I think this would still be fairly heavy crankset.

If you are looking for a set and forget crankset that is bombproof and don’t mind a bit of weight I would strongly recommend these.

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Added a product review for Mongoose Nugget 2/20/2013 6:58 AM

Fun little DJ machine


The Good: solid, fun, great in the air

The Bad: pivots get loose after heavy riding


After a season of riding on the Nugget I can say that this is a very capable dirt jumper and overall a very fun bike. Dirt jumping/slopestyle is not my forte but as soon as I got on this bike I felt a lot more confident and comfortable on the jumps. My nugget was built up fairly heavy but even with the weight under me the bike felt snappy in the air and accelerated in the corners. I definitely feel this would be a good 4X bike, the 4 inches of travel feel consistent and help when the landings get sketchy or the trail gets rough. Although my Nugget was a size small I did take it on a couple of trail rides but I found that the weight and small size just didn’t allow comfort for trail rides so I stuck with taking it to bike parks and jump spots only. Perhaps if I would have a larger frame and lighter components then the bike would have performed better on the trails and could be made to a decent trail rider as the suspension works well without any bobbing.

I’ve been used to riding DH bikes so when I took this on some of the bigger trails with larger drops I did feel a bit out of control and felt out of its element. I assume this could just be my lack of skills on a smaller travel bike as I constantly see guys ripping on small travel bikes. I had my Nugget faired with a 4 inch travel Marzocchi 55 and the suspension worked well together.

In terms of quality the Mongoose frame is put together quite well, it may not be the same caliber as intense or some of the boutique brands but the frame held up all season without any issues . The pivots stayed smooth but after heavy riding I did find towards the end of the season that on occasion they came loose, easy fix was to simply tighten them but one of the pivots is hidden behind the chainring making tightening a challenge.

So overall if you are looking for a fun bike, a bike that you can dirt jump, ride slopestyle or 4x I believe this is a great bike. The bike held up with no major issues and was always extremely fun to ride. If you get a larger frame I also feel this would be a fun trail bike as well.


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Added a product review for Wellgo B-27 Flat Pedal 2/19/2013 5:27 PM

Durable and solid pedal


The Good: Good price with lots of performance

The Bad: Bearings can get a bit sticky sometimes


I’ve used these pedals for a couple of seasons in all conditions (including snow) and they have worked great. They might not be as flashy as some of the higher end pedals but these work well and are very durable.

I have smashed these pedals into rocks on several occasions and they still keep working without any issues. I have found that the spindles have seized up a couple of times in the past but they just need to be greased and then re-tightened, a very easy fix for a small issue.

I found that the these pedals perform well in wet and muddy conditions. Even with caked on mud I have had no issues with my feet coming off the pedals. The pins are solid and have stayed in place the past several years.

The biggest thing I like about these pedals is that they are very inexpensive while offering a lot of performance.

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Added a product review for Race Face Diabolus DH Stem 2/19/2013 5:15 PM

Sweet looking stem


The Good: Light, durable and quality product

The Bad: None as of yet


The Race Face Diabolus stem brings both style and performance into one package. The first thing I noticed was the styling of the stem as it is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and looks really smooth and tidy. The next thing i noticed related to performance was simply how stiff this stem was, there was a fairly drastic difference between this stem and some of the others I have used in the past.

The edges are also rounded out nicely which I think has saved my knees in the past. Overall I am very happy with this stem, it looks amazing with loads of quality and performance. After years of use I have had no issues/problems.

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