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Hi, Hoping to get some advise on a shock swap for my Specialized demo. I am currently running a Cane Creek DB but wanted to swap it for my Fox RC4, just to see the differences in the shock. Do you guys know if its possible to get the below pictured sleeve

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Added a product review for Shimano Saint M820 Disc Brakes 6/20/2014 7:09 AM

Powerful DH stoppers


The Good: Tons of stopping power, durable, great modulation, easy to bleed

The Bad: Not as light as some of the new DH specific offering from SRAM


Right out of the box the M820 has a solid look and feel to it, the brake looks very tough and durable and doesn’t have any plastic feeling parts. Both front and rear pre bled hoses come in at very long length, allowing the brakes to fit any bike, I assume even extra-large frames should have no issues with the default hose. Compared to the M810 brakes, these new Saints have definitely shed some of their bulk, both caliper and level are a lot smaller and sleeker, thus helping to reduce some of the weight seen with the old M810s. Installation is a breeze and both removal and installation of the pads is also very user friendly and can be done so very quickly.

The brake includes an easy to use reach adjust nob, that is big enough and easy enough to access even while riding allowing you to customize the level reach while mid ride. The brake also has a free stroke bolt (requires a screwdriver), although I have played around with this I really have not noticed any difference in brake feel.

The Servo Wave level has a very ergonomic feel to it, it’s very compact and has a curve to it that helps reduce the chance of your fingers slipping off the lever. Overall the level feel is very solid and comfortable, and allows for one finger braking.

Riding performance: I’ve had the chance to use these brakes in various conditions and they have performed flawlessly. Regardless if you are riding in super dusty conditions or mud or even snow, these brakes provide tons of stopping power. Some people mention that the Saints lack modulation, that they are simply power ON and power OFF but I haven’t found this to be the case, the M820 offer lots of modulation allowing the rider to brake as much as needed. In terms of long hot  descends, the M820 really shine and provide consistent performance and stopping power regardless how hot they get, I haven’t noticed any  fade. Overall these brakes offer a lot of confidence on the trails and really allow the rider to push themselves as you know that you will have strong braking power when needed. As with the old M810, the M820 can also get a bit loud in wet conditions, but I think most other brakes do the same so not really a negative but they definitely do howl when they get wet.

Bleeding: This is where Shimano and specifically the M810 really excelled, in the past with the M810 there were times where I didn’t even have to remove the wheels or pads before bleeding the brakes. The complete bleed process could be done in less than 10 minutes. The M820 definitely also allow for a pain free, easy and simple bleed process. The bleed process is a bit different as it requires the addition of a funnel that gets attached to the level and then oil is bled into the caliper but overall the process is very easy and very quick.

Would I recommend the brakes: When I was upgrading my old M810 I knew I wanted to stick with Shimano so it was a toss-up between the Saints and the Zees, overall it looks like from a performance perspective they are both very similar, the Saints however comes in a tad lighter, offer on the fly level adjustments and have a bit less bulk to them on the calipers. Regardless of how much you throw at these Saints they offer consistence braking power in various conditions, modulation and  quick and easy bleed process, overall I am very happy with them and would strongly recommend this product.

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Added a product review for Race Face Atlas FR Cranks 6/18/2014 8:40 AM

Race Face Atlas FR Cranks


The Good: Strong, stiff, durable

The Bad: Can't find any flaws yet


I've been a fan of Race Face cranks since back in the days of square tapered bottom brackets and the North Shore crank sets, the Atlas is an evolution of the DH /freeride crank that provides a stiff and durable crank while keeping the weight at a minimum. The weight to strength ratio of this crank is very good, that’s probably why this crank can be seen on full out DH bikes to all mountain/trail bikes. It's a solid crank that allows you to setup and then ride without any hassles for the rest of the season.

Besides the great performance and durability, the other great thing about the Atlas range of cranks is that they offer a lot of color ways allowing you to truly get a custom looking setup on your bike. While most cranks come in just one color option, the Atlas line has several base colors plus the addition of some limited editions like the Green Monster and Kash Money (kashima colorway)

So overall this is a great crankset that can be used for various types of riding, it’s very durable and stiff while also being a great value. I would strongly recommend this product.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet 6/17/2014 2:27 PM

The comfort, airflow, looks and protection you get from this helmet is well worth the price.


The Good: Light weight, amazing quality, great graphic options, comfortable

The Bad: A bit on the pricey side, sad when you get it scratched or dinged


Besides great looks, the D3 offers loads of safety protection and really great comfort. The inside padding is very soft and offers comfort through all day riding even in the warmest conditions. TLD has done a great job of air vent placement in all the right spots to offer superb airflow allowing you to stay comfortable as you ride, there was a huge difference between the air flow with the D2 and the D3. The overall weight of the helmet is verynoticeable in a good way, that is to say that's its very minimal which also adds to the comfort of this lid.

Fit wise the helmet comes in several size allowing each rider to find thier perfect fit, the cheek pads are also removable and interchangeable allowing for even more custom fit.In terms of goggle fit, we have tried Dragon goggles and most recently the Oakley Airbrake and they fit perfectly with this helmet.

The other great thing as compared to the older D2 is that most of the inside padding can be removed and washed. Although I haven't had to do this yet it's nice to know that the helmet can be washed and kept clean & fresh when the times comes.

TLD definitely has great options when it comes to looks. The D3 comes in a variety of color ways, allowing riders to choose a helmet to match their style or kit. You can choose from more flashy graphics to more subtle and simple styles like the black pinstripe carbon. Plus this year looks like they have an Aaron Gwin signature, so that's pretty sweet, buy that helmet and you'll be able to rip down a World Cup track on just your back rim!

Another nice thing about the D3 is that in addition to the carry bag,  the D3 also comes with an additional visor which is a nice bonus in the event of crashing.

So overall I am very happy with this full face, yes it's very expensive but you really do get what you pay for. The comfort, airflow, looks and protection you get from this helmet is well worth the price.

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