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Solo or with friends it doesn't matter.

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Thats my old TR450 on the back of that rack..... Before I powder coated it, it fell off my thule t2 rack shuttling the trail across the street from North Star resort on the dirt road up top. Luckily no real damage just some scratches and scrapes.

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Sami is good for trail maintenance days and just cruisin, the exploder holds it down. My buddy had a volvo wagon that was the shuttle king ... more »
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Nothing new in commifornia, the only place I know where trail users pay to get your trails shut down. This is just more ammo for them but speed shouldn't matter, designate more mtb specific trails instead of shutting them down.

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Corners, hitting the corners perfect

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With the authority coming in on multiple riding spots and shutting them down and taking bikes in some cases. Everyone needs to go dig, keep it private if you want your trails secret if not thats cool. This is how I feel ... more »

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Viejas Indian Reservation and Forest Service plowed and put up a fence from WC to trash can alley "to keep the pigs out" no so much the trail but it crosses it twice.

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Nice Riding and awesome trail.

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I go to Alpine Ride Shop in Alpine Ca east San Diego. They have good brands and just started running a shuttle service for the local mtns.

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Our friend Tony passed from cancer and we wanted to honor him by running a train down his home trail!

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Bike bling in escondidio

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yeah so cal riding! great vid

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