Promo Video - Trole Industries Bike Team


Trole Industries is a new bicycle team consisting of 3 individual riders, (Pete Trevis-Bell, Tom Miller and Pete Warner) who came together through a brand with an outlook like no others... Trole Industries ...

And together forming the Trole Industries Bike Team, born in a wider community collaborating the artists, musician, visual artists, writers and wide range of riders.

On the early hours, 5.00am to be precise, on a pleasant October morning we were out shooting our promo footage. The bliss calmness of the morning, where party people where crawling home and the city beginning to awaken for one of the final autumn days in Bournemouth.

It was a chilly day to begin with and the unseasonal warming rays of sunshine began radiating down. However no time to sunbath!

n two days of hectic filming we collected 70 GB of files which constructed around 4-5 hours of footage for a crammed 10 minute promo clip!

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