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Added a comment to j5bws's bike check 4/21/2015 1:13 PM

Maybe just needs a MRP AMg to finish it off, nicely.

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Added a comment about feature How To: Connect Your Dropper Post to a Shimano or SRAM Front Shifter 1/16/2015 4:57 AM

KS Lev post users of both flavors (regular & Integra) or any other older KS dropper posts for that matter, can also use the KS Southpaw remote. Much more elegant and ergonomic...
Plus you can keep the original remote as a backup, like I did. :-)

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Added a comment about feature 2015 Vital MTB Trail Bike Test Sessions Introduction 1/12/2015 5:17 AM

Disappointingly, NO Devinci Spartan Carbon in this test session? :-(
How come?

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Added a comment to FanatikBikeCo's bike check 10/22/2014 12:08 AM

Dream build!
Doubt if it can get any lighter...

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Added a comment to Fury25's bike check 10/6/2014 12:45 AM

Actually the bike and setup is very good, if it had some Enve M70s or Derbys HD wheelset, nobody would say anything bad.
But horses for courses...

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He's checking to see if one of his eyeballs is rattling around inside the goggle.

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you cant just go balls deep straight away mate, you gotta spin the yarn, set the scene, get her all juiced up before you give her the good stuff. people are so impatient nowadays.