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I've rode those two (STX22 et monarch) and they are pretty similar (for me). For the monarch I've been forced to put more than 250 psi to have some firmness and not use all the travel at each berm...
I dont think we can said the X2 is similary to the Monarch, one is twin tube and the other mono tube, the hydrolic...more

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The Float X2 similarly as the Monarch plus rc3 debonair, use a high volume air can, but this does not work well with the Enduro's spring curve and FSR suspension. That is why Rockshox has filled the debonair full of rubber bands (9 actually). Similarly Fox will probably have the biggest air volume spacer on this Float X2 for the enduro to make it work.
Both these shock will feel muffled/restricted a lot.
That is why I am looking towards an Ohlins STX22 or Rockshox Super Deluxe (trunnion mount) for my Enduro.
Check also this other thread to understand what I mean:
low volume shock for Enduro?

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I recently got the exact same bike, it is an awesome benchmark frame. But why did you select the Float X2 instead of the Ohlins STX22, which is tuned exactly for the enduro?

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You should upload a few more photos Alex!

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This is the case of getting enough speed, not the size of the gap. And if some of the fastest racers in the world have issues getting speed, you think it would be otherwise for Fest people? The run ins at Fest are all smooth and clean. Not the case here. All...more

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Amazing edit indeed, that last jump/bunny hop had minimal margin of error!!! :-O
But looking at the first bike photo, this new Norco Aurum DH, reminds very much of this bike (albeit updated for 2015, a.k.a 650b wheels):

Still, what's up with that? Lack of inspiration or if it ain't broken why fix it? Just change name and colors?

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So finally the 11-6 is available in 200x57mm, awesome!!!
And awesome bike, by the way!

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Thanks Mate

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Probably the best looking Spartan, so far, by far...

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