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Ride it all bike


The Good: It compensates well for a rider lacking finesse! Confident. More than the sum of its parts. Great fun.

The Bad: It can't work miracles! Suspension has workman like damping and control.

Overall: It climbs up steep mountain passes, descends like a demon, handles rock strewn trails, bogs, drops, slabs and a fair few knocks. If you haven't for 4 grand for a 4 grand bike and can accept some compromises this will do everything the same. Slack head is great for the drops and the seat tube is steep enough for the climbs. The kit isn't fancy but incremental upgrades will only improve it. I've had mine almost a year and the bottom bracket, hubs and freewheel have succumb to bogs, rivers, rain and mud. Its showing some battle scars but the finish is holding up well.

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